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Statement On DC District Court Rebuke Of Jack Smith

“The DC District Court has issued a strong rebuke of Deranged Jack Smith, prohibiting him from harassing President Trump with additional filings and compelling him to respect the stay order in the J6 case, as the appeal on executive immunity is pending before the appellate court. Crooked Joe Biden and Deranged Jack Smith were playing games with the court docket to make political and inflammatory statements critical of President Trump, while trying to help Crooked Joe. That behavior was ordered to immediately cease.  After all, no prosecutor is above the law.”

—Steven Cheung, Trump Spokesperson




Statement on Washington Ruling That Keeps President Trump on the Ballot


“Today, Washington state court ruled to keep President Trump’s name on the primary election ballot. Washington’s decision mirrors similar decisions in over a dozen federal courts as well as state courts in Michigan, Minnesota and Oregon. Although the judge made the correct decision in this matter, we remain steadfast in our opposition to these cases, which are orchestrated by Democrat Party allies of failed president Crooked Joe Biden and we resolve to fight any and all remaining bad-faith, election-interfering sham cases wherever they reside. We believe that a fair ruling on the issues in front of the Supreme Court of the United States will ultimately put all of these unconstitutional misinterpretations of the 14th Amendment to rest, preserving American voting rights. President Trump looks forward to being reelected to the presidency this Fall as we all work together to Make America Great Again.”

—Steven Cheung, Trump Spokesperson

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  1. Wayne Steer

    Keep up the good work. The world is watching your country fall apart. Trump is the worlds hope for a future without woke ideologies and climate change.

    Drill Drill Drill!!

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