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Statement by Donald J. Trump, 45th President of the United States

From the day Joe Biden surrendered American dignity in Afghanistan, the World has gone to Hell, because everyone knows that the occupant of the White House is Weak, Incompetent, and Corrupt. The surrender of American Strength and Deterrence under Crooked Joe has caused massive death, horrific suffering, and untold turmoil around the globe. Three brave American Army Reservists are gone today—leaving behind their grieving families—because Crooked Joe enriched, emboldened, and empowered America’s enemies to unleash chaos and terror onto the base in Jordan where these Patriots were so savagely murdered. More than 40 other incredible servicemembers were injured. Many will never be the same again, and since Joe Biden has our country hurtling straight into World War 3, the carnage he is creating will only get worse. Never has it been more clear that Joe Biden simply cannot be Commander-in-Chief. For the sake of our safety, security, and indeed, our survival, the American People must fire Crooked Joe Biden and his entire failed administration this November, before they can destroy any more precious American lives, and before it is “just too late.”




KISS OF DEATH: Nikki War Monger


“The more Nikki Haley lobs ridiculous attacks against President Trump, the more voters despise her and see right through her desperation.

The fact is that Haley knows she doesn’t have a cogent argument or even a coherent reason for why she should be President. But what voters do know is that she’s a warmonger who would rather throw America into endless wars. Her bloodthirst is only rivaled by her dependency for Democrats to interfere in the Republican primary.

The fact is that America was safer under President Trump. In the last four years with Crooked Joe Biden, America’s enemies have been emboldened by weak and incompetent leadership from the White House. It would be no different with Nikki Haley at the helm.”

— Steven Cheung, Trump spokesperson

NEW YORK DAILY NEWS — Trump crushes Nikki Haley by 2-1 margin in new poll of South Carolina 

THE MESSENGER —  Haley Losing by 35% in South Carolina, Attack Ads ‘Worthless’: Trump Pollster




Poll: Haley Is Getting Clobbered In South Carolina


The latest polling from Fabrizio, Lee & Associates shows Nikki Haley losing by 35 percent in South Carolina to President Donald Trump.

The polling memo states: “Nikki Haley and her D.C. establishment allies are spending millions of dollars to try and salvage a failed campaign that is unable to articulate a path to victory in South Carolina — or any other state for that matter. The ballot, which is statistically unchanged from our last survey, shows this effort is having no impact. Trump still leads Haley by a more than 2 – to – 1 margin, 66% – 31%, including 59% who are “definitely” voting for the 45th President.”

Even among South Carolina Republican primary voters that approve of Nikki Haley’s performance as governor, President Trump is leading by a double-digit margin: “More than two – thirds of South Carolina Republican primary voters ( RPV ) say they approve of the job Nikki Haley did as Governor, but that doesn’t mean they want her to be President. Of the 69% who approve of her gubernatorial job performance, Trump still wins by a significant margin, 56% – 40%”




ICYMI: Truth from President Donald J. Trump


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    Kari lake and sheriff mark lamb are running for a Senate seat. Consider mark lamb for home land security and support Kari lake for senator. Sheriff lamb knows his stuff at the border.

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