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Stanford Prof Pam Karlan, Star of West Coast Lefty Trump Haters, Kicks off Nadler’s Circus

Nadler’s star witness, ultra-liberal Prof. Pam Karlan has made no effort to hide her clear partisan bias against the President.

 Karlan has repeatedly attacked President Trump, levying outlandish and unfounded claims against the President for her wine and cheese crackpot limo buddies in San Francisco. 

·         Just months into the President’s first year in office, Karlan claimed that President Trump fundamentally did not believe in democracy.

·         KARLAN: “My candidate for a norm that has been violated that is most critical is the norm of a belief in democracy. We have a President who fundamentally doesn’t believe in it.”

·         Karlan once even quipped that she “had to cross the street” to avoid walking by the Trump Hotel in Washington, DC.

Even before the President took office, she has made her opposition to the President clear.

·         Karlan’s bias against President Trump was evident not long after the election, and even before he officially became president.

·         Karlan has been raising the prospect since 2016, discussing the prospect of impeaching the President over his business ties.

·         In 2017, Karlan suggested the election could be “illegitimate because it was stolen by the Russians.”

·         Following the 2016 election, Karlan joined a group of law professors criticizing the President and threatening to challenge the new administration.

·         In the letter, Karlan and the others claimed to have “responsibility to challenge” President Trump in the court of public opinion and hoped others would challenge the administration in a court of law.

·        Karlan claimed she wanted to “lay down a marker” for President Trump.

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