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Sen. Mike Lee Endorses Donald Trump for President

Sen. Mike Lee endorsed Donald Trump for President during an interview on Fox News Friday night.

Sen. Mike Lee: “The American people have a choice to make. In this circumstance, they have a rare historically unusual chance to choose between two presidents. They have a chance to choose between order and lawlessness. They have an opportunity to choose between putting America first or America last. I choose first and always to put America first. Look, whether you like Donald Trump or not, whether you agree with everything he says, or not, he is our one opportunity to choose order over chaos and putting America first over America last. It’s time to get behind him. And, look, in presidential campaigns there are always a lot of promises made. My favorite kinds of political promises are promises kept. Donald Trump has kept promises that he’s made as he has campaigned in the past. We know what kind of president he will be. So whether you agree with him on every point or not, if you are not content with the status quo, the status quo of lawlessness, of putting America last. It’s time to get behind Donald Trump and I wholeheartedly endorse Donald J. Trump in his bid for the presidency in 2024.”



Statement On Oregon Supreme Court’s Rejection Of 14th Amendment Case


“Today’s decision in Oregon was the correct one. President Trump urges the swift dismissal of all remaining, bad-faith, election interference 14th Amendment ballot challenges as they are un-Constitutional attempts by allies of Crooked Joe Biden to disenfranchise millions of American voters and deny them their right to vote for the candidate of their choice. President Trump will continue to fight these desperate shams, win in November and Make America Great Again.”

— Steven Cheung, Trump spokesperson




Statement On New Mexico Dismissal Of 14th Amendment Suit


“President Trump remains undefeated against bogus 14th Amendment claims in federal court, with today’s dismissal in New Mexico being the latest victory against these attacks on Democracy. Similar cases in over a dozen other states have now been dismissed, as fair-ruling courts have seen through the Democrat election interference schemes. Throughout the country, allies of failed president Crooked Joe Biden are attempting to steal the election for him and deprive voters of their Constitutional right to vote for the candidate of their choice. They are desperate and know Crooked Joe is losing badly. President Trump looks forward to a free and fair election and winning back the presidency, with the support of people of New Mexico and all states, in November.”

—Steven Cheung, Trump Spokesman




KISS OF DEATH: Nikki Haley – An Unserious Candidate for Serious Times


“Nikki Haley thinks she can sit at the big kids’ table, but the reality is that her untenable positions on Social Security and Medicare make her unfit to be president, let alone run for the highest office in the land. She has called for increasing the age younger workers would become eligible for retirement benefits while SLASHING Social Security and Medicare benefits overall.

In an interview, Haley said she’ll ‘change the rules’ for millions of Americans who will be relying on Social Security benefits even if they have paid into a system most of their adult life. Watch our new ad below.


One thing is true—Nikki Haley can’t be trusted and if she’s given the keys to the economy, she’ll drive right off the cliff.”

— Steven Cheung, Trump spokesperson

THE NATIONAL PULSE — DATA: Trump Town Hall Gets 2X Viewership of DeSantis Haley CNN Scuffle.

BREITBART — Exclusive — After Historic 2023 Victory, Louisiana Gov. Jeff Landry Endorses Donald Trump for President

ICYMI: CPAC endorses Trump for President


Washington Examiner: “The influential Conservative Political Action Conference endorsed former President Donald Trump’s 2024 candidacy on Thursday, claiming he is the only Republican who can beat President Joe Biden and reverse the Democrat’s liberal policies.

‘Now is the time to unite and support the candidate who best can accomplish what is needed to put America back on track. CPAC enthusiastically endorses Donald J. Trump for president of the United States,’ CPAC Chairman Matt Schlapp said in a statement for Secrets.”

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