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Ron DeSantis Is Burning Through Cash Just To Slide Further In the Polls

In the last three weeks, polling from a variety of sources, each having a slightly different way of asking the head-to-head ballot question, have each shown the same troubling trend for Ron DeSantis: the complete collapse of his position in the GOP nomination for President, as well as his ability to defeat Joe Biden.

President Trump has continued to grow his lead as more and more Americans from across the country are joining his effort to Make America Great Again. Voters recognize there is only one person who, ON DAY ONE, can fix the economy, secure our borders, restore respect for our country on the world stage, and deter the menacing threat that is China.

Recent national polling gives President Trump his widest margin yet over Ron DeSantis, trouncing DeSantis by 36 and 34 points according to CBS News and Morning ConsultEmerson finds Trump beating DeSantis 62% to 16%, a 16-point swing towards Trump since February. Fox News shows Trump dominating DeSantis by 32 percent.  In the general election, Rasmussen shows President Trump with a commanding 7-point lead over Joe Biden — 48 to 41 percent and the most recent Harvard/Harris Poll has President Trump besting Joe Biden by 5.

Why should this trend be troubling for Team DeSantis and his affiliated SuperPACs?

Because since April 11th –  Never Back Down –  the primary DeSantis SuperPAC has spent:

  • Over $1 million on Broadcast and cable TV in Iowa
  • Nearly $1 million in New Hampshire
  • Over $1.3 million in South Carolina
  • Over $500,000 in Nevada
  • Over $3.5 million on a national network cable buy

In total, Never Back Down has spent more than $7.2 million in TV ads over the last three weeks.

The $7.2 million doesn’t include thousands of pieces of voter contact mail, sent to GOP primary voters in multiple states – including an 8 page “novel” — where the postage costs alone are hundreds of thousands of dollars!

The PAC has sent thousands of texts, spent hundreds of thousands of dollars in digital advertising in just a few states as well as ordering campaign swag that could fill the vacuum of leadership the Governor left in Florida while campaigning (horribly) overseas in Europe.

So, stated directly, what you are witnessing is a fleecing on an epic scale. Tens of millions of donor dollars spent, while poll numbers… drop.




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