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Romney The Phony Baloney Rat-Weasel Seeks NYT Adoration

Mitt Rat-Weasel Romney (Once Again) Ditches Principles to Seek Far-Left’s Adulation…Yesterday, Romney threw aside principles to seek adulation and validation from the far-left and liberal echelons of the establishment media in his never ending hope the failing New York Times will say something nice about him…Sadly, Romney’s decision was unsurprising as this display of self-serving political expedience has come to define his political career…Romney longs for the day he can bring his decrepit loser Never Trumper GOP friends back into the loving arms of his job-gutting, slave labor finance fleece friends!

·         Mitt Romney has repeatedly praised the President when he wants something – only to turn around and attack the President when he thinks it will win him favor with the left-wing media.

o   During Romney’s failed presidential campaign, he desperately sought President Trump’s endorsement.

§  Romney said at the time “it means a great deal to me to have the endorsement of Mr. Trump.”

o   After repeatedly attacking President Trump throughout the 2016 campaign, Romney quickly changed his tune and heaped lavish praise upon President-elect Trump in the hopes of getting a cabinet position.

§  Romney stated that “President-elect Trump is the very man who can lead us to that better future.”

§  Romney begged the President for a cabinet position – thinking he could apologize his way into becoming the Secretary of State.

o   When he was considering trying to revive his failed political career, Romney once again sought the President’s help with an endorsement for his Senate race.

§  POLITICO: “Hoping to woo conservatives, he toned down his past criticisms of President Donald Trump and focused instead on Utah-specific issues.”

Romney has a long history of flip-flopping, with no sign of principles to be found.

·         While running against Obama in 2012, Romney repeatedly attacked Obamacare while defending the “Romneycare” system in Massachusetts – effectively the same thing.

o   Then in 2015, Romney confirmed that “Romneycare” opened the door for Obamacare.

·         Romney changed his positions on taxes – refusing to sign a pledge not to raise taxes while running for governor, only to sign a pledge in 2006 to try and boost his presidential campaign.

·         Romney once distanced himself from Ronald Reagan’s policies, only to embrace him while running for president.

The establishment media has been so consumed by their hatred of President Trump that (for now) they have anointed Romney a resistance darling after bashing him for years.

·         The very same media that attacked Romney for years are now embracing him as a national hero, just because he broke with the President.

·         A piece in the Washington Post accused Romney of “stoking the racial politics of yesteryear.”

·         The New York Times hit Romney’s “binders full of women” comment – saying he “bumbled his way through a cringe-inducing attempt to graft what he thinks should be 2012 talking points onto his 1952 sensibility.”

·         MSNBC claimed “a lot of people will die” if Romney was elected.

·         New York Magazine accused Romney of trying to wage “generational warfare.”

·         The media seized on Romney’s 47% remark to declare he held “contempt for half the country.”

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