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RNC Announces First 2024 GOP Debate

The Republican National Convention announced Friday that it will hold the first 2024 GOP presidential nomination debate in August. The RNC will host the debate in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. This debate was voted on by the RNC’s standing committee on Presidential Debates Thursday. This announcement was first reported by Fox News, which intercepted the note that was passed to committee members.

According to Fox News,

According to GOP sources, the RNC had also been considering kicking off their primary debates with a showdown at the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library in California.

Former President Donald Trump – who launched his 2024 campaign in November, was the only major Republican in the 2024 race until former South Carolina governor and former ambassador Nikki Haley declared her candidacy last week. Entrepreneur and conservative author and commentator Vivek Ramaswamy jumped into the race this week.

As Fox News reported last week, the Standing Committee on Presidential Debates is also consider requiring all Republican White House hopefuls to pledge their support for the party’s eventual nominee before making the debate stage. The pledge would be modeled on a similar pledge used during the wide open 2016 Republican presidential nomination race.

The move comes as Trump and some of his potential rivals for the nomination are pushing back on the idea of signing any kind of loyalty pledge.

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  1. GreenValleyGal

    Two of the three decalred candidates are not “natural born.” The meaning of the phrase “natural born Citizen” includes persons born abroad who are citizens from birth based on the citizenship of a parent. Section 1 of Article 2 of the United States Constitution stipulates “natural born” as a requirement to run for Pesident meaning either born on American soil to American parents or born abroad to American parents. Your homework wil reveal the truth.

  2. Edee monnen

    I would like to know all the GOP House and Senate members who voted to send weapons and money to Ukraine. I don’t want our government to get involved with their war.

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