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Rigomania: Hypocrite House Dems Boomerang on Impeachment “Urgency”

House Dems repeatedly issued dramatic calls for urgent action on impeachment–but are suddenly not interested in expedience now that they can’t rig the process…Three weeks have passed since the House voted to pass the articles of impeachment…but Speaker Pelosi refuses to send the articles to the Senate in an absurd attempt to try and influence the process…”If you can’t rig it, go home!”

·       Pelosi has declared that she will keep the articles until the Senate agrees to her terms for a trial – completely disregarding the fact that the Senate holds sole control over impeachment trials.

·       House Democrats are attempting to obstruct the Senate from conducting a fair process.

·       House Democrats continue to ignore all precedent and principles of fairness throughout this impeachment process.

House Democrats once claimed that the very future of our republic depended on a speedy impeachment – but now they’re not so concerned.

·       When announcing the impeachment inquiry, Pelosi assured the public that they “want this to be done expeditiously.”

·       Pelosi repeatedly declared that they “can’t wait” for the courts to weigh in on the subpoenas – it was too urgent for that.

·       The Judiciary Committee’s report declared that “we must act immediately.”

·       Rep. Schiff argued that impeachment “is an urgent matter that cannot wait if we are to protect the nation’s security and the integrity of our elections.”

·       Rep. Jerry Nadler called impeachment a “matter of urgency.”

·       Rep. Karen Bass noted that “there is an incredible sense of urgency. We must act now.”

·       Rep. Jamie Raskin claimed that “we must act now to protect our elections and safeguard constitutional democracy.”

·       Rep. Doris Matsui stated that “the only answer is to act now.”

·       Rep. David Cicilline asserted that “this is too urgent a crisis for the country, and we ought to act.”

Democrats previously argued in court that impeachment was “urgent” and “time-limited.”

·       During a court case last year over the testimony of former White House Counsel Don McGahn, Democrats arguedimpeachment was “the most urgent duty the House can face.”

·       Democrats argued that impeachment was “time-limited.”  

·       Democrats called the consideration of impeachment “an urgent task.”

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