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Riggleman Smoked in Rigged Convention, Dems Vow to Invest Millions to Flip VA-05 Red Seat

Dems target seat, smell blood in the water

Presumptive VA-05 GOP nominee Bob Good celebrated a stunning victory early Sunday morning, ousting one-term incumbent Republican U.S. Rep. Denver Riggleman while garnering 58 percent of the “drive-by” convention vote.

Less than 3,000 mobile delegates participated in the nomination knock-out coup, engineered by the infamous conventioneer political consultant duo of Chris and Diana Shores.

They’re the new Bonnie and Clyde of Virginia GOP convention politics.

The Shores convention cabal just missed nominating Virginia State Committeewoman Cynthia Dunbar to both the Fifth and Sixth Districts in 2018. This was sweet revenge.

President Trump endorsed Riggleman in the race and suffered his first primary endorsement defeat this cycle.

The margin of Good’s victory (58-42) sends a clear warning sign to other VA GOP incumbents that if you don’t tow the line of unit chairs in various districts, they can force a convention, manipulate the rules and take you out.

This scenario played out in VA House of Delegates District 97 in 2019, when Scott Wyatt defeated Del. Chris Peace in a similarly shadily orchestrated convention maneuver.

Democrats now see VA-05 as a surprise takeover opportunity. The last Democrat to win the district was Tom Perriello in 2008. He served one term, losing in 2010 to Robert Hurt.

Our guests joining us Monday, June 15 include new VA-05 nominee Bob Good, GOP candidate for US House VA-05, Del. John McGuire, Del. Nick Freitas, Democratic candidate for VA-05 John Lesinski, and noted author David Horowitz.

CHAZ coming to Nashville?

Protesters set the stage for a clash with Tennessee governor Bill Lee with a plan to form a new autonomous zone: CHAZ II.

Washington Examiner: A group of protesters in Tennessee is attempting to create an autonomous zone near the state’s Capitol in Nashville, emulating Seattle’s siege.

On Friday night, a group of 50 protesters camped out in front of Tennessee’s Capitol with the goal of establishing an autonomous zone, a similar occupation strategy to the one used by activists who created the “Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone,” or CHAZ, in Seattle.

Tennessee Gov. Bill Lee, a Republican, said he would protect peaceful demonstrations, but he warned that “autonomous zones” will “not be tolerated.”

“We encourage Tennesseans to exercise their First Amendment rights and have seen many examples of peaceful protests across our state in recent weeks,” Lee said in a message on Twitter.

“As demonstrations continue, we will continue to protect Tennessean’s right to peaceful assembly, while also reassuring citizens that lawlessness, autonomous zones, and violence will not be tolerated.”

“Further, Tennessee law expressly prohibits camping on state property not expressly designated as a campground area, and that law will be enforced.”

Tennessee General Assembly Speaker Cameron Sexton agreed with Lee’s statement, saying the legislative body is “fully prepared to enhance this type of lawlessness to a felony.”

Protesters unveiled a banner declaring the area “Ida B. Wells Plaza,” displaying it where a statue of Edward Carmack, a former U.S. senator, once stood. Carmack’s statue was torn down by protesters in late May after George Floyd’s death.

The activists have several demands that they say must be met before they depart the area, including defunding the police, demilitarizing the police, and removing statues they deem racist.

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