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Rat Weasel Romney Stabs Trump Nation In The Back!

After begging President Trump for a job during the transition and crawling on his hands and knees for an endorsement in his U.S. Senate primary race, Mitt Romney screws all of Trump Nation and the President by voting to convict Trump on impeachment…what a rat-weasel Romney is…This is not only a vote against President Trump, it’s a vote against all of Trump Nation and the deplorables…It’s an “I’m smarter than you loser working folks with callouses on your hands and dirt under your fingernails…now the New York Times will write nice things about me” vote.

Romney is jealous because he lost the Presidency and Trump won…and because we took over his slave-labor job out-source gangster-bankster Wall St. based GOP of big donors, big bailouts and big bonuses.

Frankly, I’m sick of Mitt Romney and all the Whig Republicans.

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