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President Trump To Nation, Iran: The Party’s Over

President Trump addressed the nation today on Iranian hostilities in no uncertain terms…Last night, two U.S. military bases in Iraq were hit with ballistic missiles in a retaliation attack..No American causalities or injuries in the attack..There was minimal damage to the bases hit…Trump has promised to get tough on extreme terrorism…Soleimani was one of the most dangerous men in the world, responsible for the death of many people.

  • General Soleimani has a long history of terrorizing and attacking people in the Middle East.
    • 600 American troops lost their lives at the direction of Soleimani.
      • Soleimani approved the attack on the U.S. Embassy in Iraq.
    • Soleimani was actively planning attacks against American diplomats and troops.
    • General Soleimani has been labeled a terrorist by the United States since 2005.
  • Nancy Pelosi called the killing of Soleimani “disproportionate” – how many more American lives need be lost before Pelosi deems it appropriate to eliminate a terrorist?

President Trump Remarks on Iraqi attacks:

  • “As long as I am President, Iran will never have a nuclear weapon,” said President Trump in his address to the nation today.
  • President Trump indicated that Iran appears to be standing down following the missile attacks last night.
  • President Trump is requesting that NATO get more involved in the Middle East as they promote peace.
  • Terrorist groups in Iran have been a threat to the civilized world for some time now. President Trump has taken action to eliminate that threat.
  • While the Obama administration paid for the missiles that were shot at U.S. military bases last night, the Trump administration does not tolerate the campaign of terror by terrorist groups in the Middle East.
  • President Trump sent a clear message to other terrorist in the world, “If you value your own life, you won’t threaten the lives of other people.”
  • The United States is now the number one producer of oil and natural gas and is no longer dependent on the Middle East for resources.
  • The United States is ready to work together with Iran to create a peaceful relationship.
  • President Trump welcomes an agreement as he said, “The United States is ready to embrace peace with all who seek it.”

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