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President Trump on Chinese Espionage and Increased Aggression That Threatens American Sovereignty

Mar-a-Lago, FL – President Donald J. Trump released a new video detailing China’s increased espionage within the United States and Joe Biden’s weak leadership in allowing China to trample on American sovereignty.



“As President, I took the most dramatic action of any administration to curtail China’s ability to conduct espionage in the United States,” President Trump said. “And when I’m back in the White House, those efforts will be expanded in a very, very big way. Instead of hunting down Republicans, a reformed FBI and Justice Department will be hunting down Chinese spies.”

President Trump posted on Truth Social to let the American people know exactly where he stands on the China spy balloon.

Joe Biden has surrendered America’s borders to illegal aliens, and now he has surrendered American airspace to Communist China. Biden is deliberately allowing a Chinese spy balloon to soar freely over the continental United States.

Biden is weak on China because he is controlled and owned by China. He dismantled the Trump administration’s initiative countering Chinese espionage in the United States, he canceled the ban on the Chinese intelligence weapon known as TikTok, and he is allowing China to buy up critical infrastructure all over the country, including real estate near sensitive U.S. military bases.

When President Trump is back in the White House, he will kick Chinese intelligence operations out of the country and force China to give up any U.S. holdings that put national security at risk. A strong signal must be sent that America will not allow China to trample our sovereignty and illegally surveil our country.



In that Trump’s 2020, 10-million-vote landslide was stolen in broad daylight, how benighted is it to believe he can win in ’24?

The only way Trump can prevail and stay out of jail is to sell something so big that 90% of the people will support it while at the same time destroying the power base of his enemies.

If Trump advocates for government-by-smartphone, where cities, counties, or states rule themselves using blockchain-protected smartphones, where every voter can propose, debate, and vote on every law, he can bring about the greatest gift to the world’s masses and transition the world from plutocracies to democracies.

Please advocate for @govtbysmartphone. No s’elected’ candidates, no reps, no corruption. No criminal syndicate. Just a congress of the people.  #endplutocracy #truedemocracynow


MAGA Inc. News Roundup

Joe Biden will deliver his third State of the Union this week.

Biden’s speech on Tuesday will be full of spin claiming that he is a success, but if you ask Americans, they do not think the state of the union is positive. A CBS poll shows that 68 percent of Americans believe things are going “badly” in America today.

Will Tuesday’s speech just be full of canned applause lines or will Biden address any of the nation’s problems?

Will Biden address the drug overdose crisis sweeping the nation? Maine, for example, set a drug overdose death record in 2022 – it beat the previous record set in 2021. Biden has failed to secure the border and protect American communities.

Will Biden call for peace in Ukraine as President Trump has done? The war continues to slog on with no end in sight, as we inch closer to nuclear war.

Finally, will Biden offer any relief to Americans at the pump? Doubtful. Gas prices remain higher than they were a year ago.  Under President Trump, America became the number one producer of oil and natural gas in the world. Joe Biden, instead, turns to autocrats like Venezuela’s Nicholas Maduro for oil and encourages Americans to buy electric Hummers that cost more than $87,000.

Taylor Budowich, Head of MAGA Inc.


Despite the best efforts of Democrats and their allies in the media, Americans recognize Biden is failing:

  • Many are viewing Biden’s State of the Union address on Tuesday as the opening salvo of his 2024 re-election campaign—one that even Democrats don’t want.
    • A new NBC poll found that “two-thirds of voters have reservations or are very uncomfortable with the idea of Biden running for a second term.”
    • A recent ABC/Washington Post poll found that “among Democrats and Democratic-leaning independents…58 percent say they would prefer someone other than Biden as their nominee in 2024.”
  • Sec. Pete Buttigieg painted a falsely positive image of the economy on CNN’s State of the Union. Buttigieg claimed that “usually, when employment is that low, inflation is going up. Right now, inflation is going down along with unemployment.”
    • Inflation was still at 6.5 percent in December 2022, outstripping any increases in Americans’ wages. In that same month, the annual increase in wages was only 4.6 percent. Wages grew at an even slower rate in January 2023, at 4.4 percent compared to a year ago.
  • No matter what Biden and his surrogates may say, the economic reality facing many Americans today is painful and bleak.
    • A recent ABC/Washington Post poll found that 41 percent of Americans “say they are not as well off since Biden became president…the highest level since Post-ABC polling first asked the question in 1986.”
    • A CBS/YouGov poll found that 62 percent of Americans expect the economy next year to be in decline.


Biden lets Chinese surveillance balloon traverse the whole nation

  • Sen. Marco Rubio, vice chair of the Senate Intelligence Committee, told CNN that a spy balloon flying over these many American states is “unprecedented.” Sen. Rubio added, “It’s not a coincidence this happens leading up to the State of the Union address…It’s not just the balloon, it’s the message they’re trying to send the world, that we can do whatever we want and America can’t stop us.”
  • Two former national security advisers to President Trump – John Bolton and Robert O’Brien – both told Fox News that they are unaware of anything like this happening during their time in the Trump administration.
  • Forget the balloon, tens of millions of Americans carry around a Chinese surveillance app on their phone – TikTok. President Trump called for TikTok to be banned in 2020. He was right. Biden revoked this executive order and yet even Democrats now acknowledge that Trump was correct that TikTok has no place in America.




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