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President Trump Leads The Nation’s Coronavirus Response

President Trump takes bold actions to protect the American people from the Coronavirus pandemic. 

  • President Trump and his Administration has remained in constant contact with global, national, state, and local agencies to coordinate our country’s response to this crisis.
  • President Trump is utilizing the full power and available resources of the federal government and private industries to keep America’s response to coronavirus ahead of the international curve.
  • Unfortunately, Europe hesitated to take the bold and decisive actions taken by President Trump when he limited travel from China and other Asian nations:
    • As a result, the President is suspending all travel from Europe to the United States for thirty days, beginning on Friday.
    • This travel restriction will not apply to the United Kingdom.
    • The Administration will reevaluate each country’s travel restriction with regards to the actions they take to limit the virus’ spread in their nations.
  • The President urged all workers who feel sick to stay home from work, and outlined his economic plan to ensure they do not suffer under this international outbreak.
  • President Trump has taken bold action to support America’s workers and businesses, including taking unprecedented actions to relieve Americans who are ill, quarantined, or acting as caregivers for others.
    • President Trump authorized the Small Business Administration to provide capital and liquidity to small businesses with economic, low interest loans, providing $50 billion in relief.
    • The President also took Executive action to defer tax payments for businesses and individuals negatively impacted by the virus, providing $200 billion in relief.
    • In addition to calling on Congress to extend the aforementioned relief, the President is calling on Congress to provide immediate payroll tax relief.
  • Thanks to President Trump, no nation is more prepared than the United States:
    • This robust economy provides America with a flexibility to respond to this outbreak that other nations lack—our banks are strong and unemployment remains low.
    • The President and his Administration is cutting harmful, bureaucratic red tape to make anti-viral medicines available to the public.
    • President Trump secured guarantees from insurers that they will waive co-pays, extend coverage, and ensure there is no surprise billing for individuals seeking testing or treatment for coronavirus.
    • The President signed an $8.3 billion funding bill for vaccines, treatment, medical supplies, and testing increases.
    • President Trump signed the Pandemic and All-Hazards Preparedness and Advancing Innovation Act of 2019, reauthorizing programs that ensure the Nation is prepared for, and equipped to respond to, public health emergencies like coronavirus.
  • This is not a time for partisanship—it is a time to unite and to rise to this challenge like previous Americans have done throughout the history of our great Republic.

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