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President Trump Is Putting America’s Children First by Helping Our Schools Safely Reopen

While feckless school board members are closing classrooms around the country in the face of science and data that clearly show kids are at virtually no risk of harm, President Trump is committed to getting them opened.

Trump has steadily dedicated significant resources and efforts to support our schools and has called on Congress to build on his actions by asking for more than $100 billion in education funding in the next coronavirus legislation, including funds to help K-12 schools reopen.

While Democrats hold kids, political hostage, by demanding things like post office bailouts, mail-out ballots and tax breaks for their wealthy blue state mansion donors that have nothing to do with kids being educated, the Trump Administration has focused like a laser beam on not forsaking education for a generation of children. The CDC has released guidance to help schools prepare to safely reopen and protect their students and faculty.

Teachers Unions Now Want To Close Private Schools 

President Trump is committed to ensuring students and parents have the support they need to allow them to choose the school options that are best for them, demanding that If schools do not reopen, funding should go to the students so parents can utilize another option, such as private, charter, religious, or home school. Teachers unions say they want to “level the playing field” and oppose any funding allocation, in fear that parents will flee their failing systems.

Keeping schools shut down will especially harm the most vulnerable students, who rely on the resources and services they have access to at school. Many highly respected medical organizations agree: 

  • The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) called for the safe reopening of schools, noting the role schools play in helping reduce a child’s risk of abuse, drug addiction, and suicide.
  • According to a survey by EdTrust, 50 percent of low-income and 42 percent of families of color lack sufficient devices at home to access distance learning.
  • Nearly 30 million American students rely on schools for free or reduced-cost meals.
  • More than 70% of children receiving mental health services do so at school.

Bottom line: keeping our schools shut down would do more harm than good.  Closing schools benefits no one–except teacher unions and their elected Democratic cohorts.

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