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President Trump is in exceptionally good spirits and cannot wait to get back on campaign trail to continue fighting on behalf of the American people!

  • President Trump is a relentless fighter putting himself out there every day to preserve our American way of life.
  • President Trump is grateful for the unbelievable amount of love and support he’s received over the last few days.
  • President Trump made clear that America has always risen in the face of a challenge, and we will again in the war against the coronavirus.
  • Our country is at stake like never before – President Trump is the last line of defense.
  • Never before has an American President faced this much onslaught: Democrats’ fervent resistance, mainstream media vitriol, and a coronavirus pandemic – but President Trump remains defiantly standing.
  • They are trying to stop President Trump because he is fighting for you, but he will never let it happen.
  • Over the next 30 days, President Trump is calling on every supporter across our land to join in the fight to save our country.

After months of saying that knocking on doors was dangerous, Joe Biden’s campaign is flip-flopping:

  • This week, Joe Biden’s campaign announced that they would begin door-knocking with just 32 days before the election.
  • Remember, Biden Campaign Manager Jennifer O’Malley Dillion said a few weeks ago that door-knocking “really doesn’t matter.”
  • Jennifer O’Malley Dillion went on to say “a campaign in a pandemic simply can’t look like campaigns did before – at least, not if the campaign actually cares about its people.”
  • By their own standards, Joe Biden’s campaign doesn’t care about their people and are giant hypocrites.
  • The DNC even went so far as to condemn door-knocking, saying it was “not safe” and was “risking lives.”
  • The truth is that Joe Biden and his campaign are panicking in the home stretch – they neglected a ground-game operation and are paying the price.
  • The science didn’t change for the Biden campaign, only the political science did.
  • President Trump is bringing countless Americans in battleground states to the Republican Party in the home stretch of the 2020 campaign – the momentum is clearly on our side.

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