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President Trump is Committed to Keeping the Public Informed on the Coronavirus

From day one, President Trump and his Administration have been completely transparent about the coronavirus and our response efforts.

The Trump Administration has been completely transparent with the American public from the start.

  • Last night, President Trump delivered an address directly to the American people on the current state of the coronavirus outbreak and the extensive steps his Administration is taking.
  • The Trump Administration made clear from the start that it would practice extreme transparency in order to keep the American public fully informed of the latest developments.
  • The Administration has been addressing the media daily in order to make sure the latest information is available to the public.
  • President Trump has shown he is committed to releasing the most up-to-date, accurate, and essential information to the American people.

Public health experts have been speaking directly to the American people daily.

  • The President’s coronavirus task force has been holding press conferences nearly every day to update the public on the response effort and essential health information.
  • Administration officials have testified at multiple congressional hearings, updating lawmakers with vital information on the virus and our response efforts.
  • Dr. Anthony Fauci and Dr. Robert Redfield – members of the coronavirus taskforce — have testified at numerous hearings and are consistently conducting interviews.
  • Surgeon General Jerome Adams has been regularly advising Americans on health precautions during the task force briefings and in interviews.

The Administration is making sure Americans have the information they need to plan and respond to the coronavirus.

  • President Trump and the coronavirus task force have issued consistent and reliable information to the American people.
  • The Administration established, providing the American people with a centralized resource to access the latest information.
  • New guidance published by the Administration provides answers for families, schools, and businesses on recommended precautions.
  • The White House Coronavirus Task Force has also provided mitigation strategies for specific communities impacted by the virus on what steps they should take.

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