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Perdue to Kemp: “You’re Either Going to Fight for the Sanctity of Life or You’re Not!”

ATLANTA, Georgia, May 5, 2022 — David Perdue, candidate for Governor, today released the following statement:

“I was extremely disappointed by the Governor’s bureaucratic response to the news that the Supreme Court may soon overturn Roe v. Wade. Georgia voters deserve to know where their Governor stands on this issue. I’m calling on Brian Kemp to join me in calling for an immediate special session of the legislature to ban abortion in Georgia after Roe v. Wade is overturned. You are either going to fight for the sanctity of life or you’re not.”


Trump-endorsed David Perdue launched his campaign for Governor of Georgia on Dec. 6th, 2021. As an outsider, Perdue’s bold, conservative vision includes fighting for election integrity, eliminating the state income tax, empowering parents to make decisions in their children’s education, and making our cities and state safe again. Perdue is taking on incumbent Brian Kemp as the only candidate who can unite Georgia’s fractured Republican Party and defeat Stacey Abrams in November.

Perdue grew up in Middle Georgia, the son of two public school teachers, and paid his way through Georgia Tech by working warehouse and construction jobs. He has over 40 years of business experience, leading the Reebok athletic brand and Dollar General stores, where he created thousands of jobs for hard-working Americans.



McGlaughlin Poll- Roe V Wade 50-50

  • Among all voters 50% describe themselves as anti-abortion and 50% as pro-abortion rights.
  • When we asked the voters do you agree or disagree with the statement: “Every human being represents a life that is precious and has value,” 93% of all voters agreed. 71% strongly agreed and only 4% disagreed.
  • 89% of pro-abortion rights voters agreed.
  • President Biden and the Democrats may not be getting the debate they want.

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