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Pelosi’s Rig Job: By Whatever Means Necessary

Slippery Nancy Pelosi Desperately Trying to Rig the Senate Impeachment Process Like her House charade…Dems failed on process, on substance, and on the politics…now they want to cheat again…Pelosi is trying to force an unfair process in the Senate, just like she did in the House…

·First Nancy Pelosi rigged the House impeachment process, now she’s trying to rig the Senate because she knows that’s the only way Democrats can win.

Democrats are trying to deny the President a fair opportunity to be rightfully acquitted in the Senate.

A fair trial is for the person “accused” not the people prosecuting them.

Democrats are openly admitting they failed to make their case in the House.

·         Democrats repeatedly told us their case was indisputable, but it turns out that they don’t have much faith in it at all.

·         Democrats claimed it was critically important to move quickly on this, now they’re trying to delay because they know their weak case is going to fail.

·         If Democrats had actually made their case in the House, they wouldn’t need the additional evidence they are demanding in the Senate.

·         This is another devastating admission by Pelosi that what the House just voted for doesn’t meet the legal standard and they need more time in the Senate.

·         It’s not surprising Democrats are scrambling, given they failed to produce any evidence of wrongdoing by the President during their sham process.

This is an absurd and unprecedented gimmick.

·         Democrats are once again breaking with precedent to try and rig the impeachment process.

·         Withholding the articles of impeachment from the Senate would completely break with past precedent.

·         Pelosi continues to politicize impeachment, throwing out any rules or norms she wants along the way.

·         Democrats have conducted the most partisan, rushed, and unfair impeachment in history.

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