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Pelosi Sends Impeachment To The Senate – Just In Time For Dems To Screw Bernie…AGAIN!

Warren to Sanders: “I don’t need no stinkin’ handshake!”

Bernie, the perfect gentleman (he learned from Jane!) gets his offer of a handshake rebuffed by Elizabeth Warren. Not nice, MacBeth!

Four short years after national Democratic Party leaders (oxymoron?) cheated Bernie Sanders out the of Dem Presidential nomination with phony Iowa coin flips, Debbie Wasserman Schultz email shenanigans and weasel super delegates, they are at it again! This time its Nancy Pelosi at the engine of the status quo, shilling for Joe Biden.

Just a few weeks to the all important Iowa caucuses, and Pelosi now decides to turn the articles of impeachment to the Senate, 20 days late.

What does this delay do for her establishment favorite Biden? Forced by rules to sit in the Senate eight hours a day for an impeachment sham trial, guess what Bernie can’t do? Bernie can’t campaign in Iowa for the stretch run! This also ties up Senators Amy Klobuchar and Elizabeth Warren, both helping Biden (by not getting his votes) to beat Bernie. Wow!

House plans to transmit articles of impeachment to the Senate:

  • After 28 days of playing political games, it is expected that today Nancy Pelosi will finally transmit her two articles of impeachment against President Trump to the Senate.
  • Pelosi led a completely partisan, unfair impeachment process in the House, and she is attempting to force the same thing in the Senate.

The Seven Bozos 

  • The seven managers of the impeachment trial chosen by Nancy Pelosi, as you could have guessed, are highly partisan against President Trump.
    • Adam Schiff – lead manager – LOL
    • Jerry Nadler – Seriously?
    • Zoe Lofgren
    • Hakeem Jeffries
    • Val Demings
    • Jason Crow
    • Sylvia Garcia
  • These managers will hand over the articles of impeachment to the Senate – serving as representation for the House during the trial.
  • This impeachment process has been a total sham against the Trump administration since the beginning.

The monumental trade deal with China:

  • Today, President Trump will sign a Phase One trade deal with China.
  • After getting tough on the trade, President Trump is working hard to ensure that our farmers, ranchers, and manufactures are no longer being taken advantage of.
  • China has agreed to structural changes as well as large purchases of agricultural product, energy, and manufactured goods from the United States.
  • The tariffs will remain strong at 25%.
  • After years of allowing American farmers to be taken advantage of, finally we have a President that is standing up and making America respected again.
  • Phase Two of the trade deal will be signed at a later date when President Trump visits Beijing.

Recap of Democrat debate: The Clown Car 

  • Last night, six of the top Democrats running for President faced off on the debate stage for three hours.
  • As to be expected, there were no new ideas introduced – it was simply a race to the left to embrace socialist policies.
  • Democrats bantered on troops in the Middle East, yet there was no mention of the killing General Soleimani in Iran.
    • While Democrats refuse to acknowledge the heroic deed, former National Security Adviser for Obama said President Trump was “absolutely correct” in killing Soleimani.
  • Bernie Sanders admitted his plan would raise taxes on people making $29,000 a year just to pay for Medicare-for-All.
    • This plan would give illegal immigrants free healthcare.
  • Democrats’ plan is to force a detrimental universal healthcare plan, completely wreck the economy, increase taxes, and take away God-given freedoms from the American people.
  • The winner of last night’s debate, President Trump, said it best, “America will never be a socialist country.”
  • Runner-up: The cameraman who picked up the post debate chilly stare-down between Warren and Bernie. Ouch.

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