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Pelosi Pulls Plug on Nadler Fiasco: “We Have To Move Toward Impeachment”

Thanks for the second term, Nancy!

Game on.

“Today, I’m asking my chairman to proceed with impeachment.”

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi doubled down and threw the gauntlet on impeachment.

In a grand appearance on the Speaker’s balcony, Pelosi benched her Judiciary Chairman Jerry Nadler–after a disastrous Day one-and promised to move to an impeachment vote in the House.

She’s doubling down-she’s trapped,” said U.S. Rep. Denver Riggleman (R-VA). “One day of judicial hearings? What a sham…Nadler had to be stopped…he was ruining the whole process the Dems envisioned.”

“I assume they [Dems] whipped votes last night…whatever the main articles are that they draft…it’s going to pass,” Riggleman predicted.