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Nancy Pelosi clown car continues to play political games…For 26 days, Nancy Pelosi has held on to the two articles of impeachment against President Trump…Something that Democrats once deemed as an urgent, time-sensitive matter is now being used as a political stunt. LOL…While Pelosi claims she will send the articles of impeachment to the Senate this week, we await the action behind her words. What a joke. 

  • Nancy Pelosi has led a completely partisan, unfair impeachment process in the House and now she’s trying to force the same thing in the Senate.
  • The American people deserve better than the divisive tactics Pelosi is using in trying to remove President Trump from office.

Democrats refuse to support the protestors in Iran:

  • Thousands of Iranians are openly protesting against the regime – something that President Trump fully supports.
  • Over the weekend, Nancy Pelosi dismissed the protests against the regime saying there were “different reasons why people are in the street.”
    • When will Nancy Pelosi condemn the regime for what it is?
  • Bernie Sanders refuses to support the protestors who are fighting for their freedom. He has a long history of defending terrorism:
    • He defended General Soleimani, condemning President Trump for killing him.
    • He defended Soviet Russia.
    • He defended Venezuela’s dictator Nicolas Maduro.
    • He defended Cuba’s dictator Fidel Castro.
  • Bernie Sanders’ foreign policy explicitly dangerous for the world and the United States.
  • Democrat who refuse to support the Iranian protest are choosing to support the dangerous regime ahead of the Iranian people who are fighting for their freedoms.

KAG rallies prove American’s strong support for President Trump:

  • As thousands rallied for President Trump in Toledo, Ohio last week, data shows that support for the President continues to grow.
  • The data from the latest Keep America Great rally:
    • 22,927 voters were identified.
    • 18,210 voters were from Ohio.
    • 5,216 attendees did not vote in the 2016 Presidential election.
    • 21.9% of attendees were registered Democrats.
    • 20.9% of attendees were registered Independents.
  • Despite what the #FakeNews tries to push, real America support President Trump.
  • The next Keep American Great rally is tomorrow in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

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