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Nolte: ‘New’ CNN Moves Failed Left-Wing Anchors to Primetime

The “New” CNN is looking an awful lot like the old, tired, humorless, discredited, basement-rated CNN America has grown to despise and then ignore. Color me gobsmacked that the lying godforsaken liars at CNN lied about a “New” CNN that would be less partisan and more down the middle.

Oh, yeah, nothing like promoting Jake “Russia Collusion Conspiracy Colluder and Lyin’ Election Meddler” Tapper to a sweet primetime spot at 9 p.m. to prove how much things will change.

But I’m sure Tapper’s promotion was based on merit due to the huge audience he will bring with him from his two 4 p.m. hours. Oh, wait, Tapper consistently comes in last place at 4 p.m. (by a mile) and barely cracked 800,000 total viewers last month. But maybe I’m missing something. There must be a market survey somewhere showing that the American people are pining for smug dishonesty at 9 p.m.

But guess who else failed her way into CNN’s primetime? Alisyn “Gun-GrabbingRacial PanderingTrump-Deranged” Camerota. And why not? When co-hosting CNN’s New Day, she too consistently landed in far-last place. But I’m sure all 300,000 of her faithful morning viewers will eagerly tune in at 10 p.m. for two hours of smug lying.

Read the full article by John Nolte and Breitbart here.

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