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Nikki Haley Is Just Another Career Politician

Taylor Budowich, head of Make America Great Again Inc., released the following statement Tuesday in response to Nikki Haley’s campaign announcement: “Nikki Haley is just another career politician.

She started out as a Never Trumper before resigning to serve in the Trump admin. She then resigned early to go rake in money on corporate boards.

Now, she’s telling us she represents a ‘new generation.’ Sure just looks like more of the same, a career politician whose only fulfilled commitment is to herself.





Statement by President Donald J. Trump On the Witch Hunt of January 6th

Recently, it was shockingly revealed that Twitter colluded with the FBI and other law enforcement agencies to Rig and Steal the 2020 Presidential Election in favor of Joe Biden, and to de-platform and illegally censor me. As a key example of the corruption within the FBI, Special Agent Charles McGonigal, the head of the now fully “debunked” Russia, Russia, Russia Hoax, has recently been arrested for being “paid off” by receiving large amounts of money from, get this, Russia. The Russia Witch Hunt was extremely detrimental to the Trump Campaign’s effort to win the 2020 Presidential Election.

Read the full statement here.




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