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MEMO:​ Summer Recap

TO:  Republican Donors and America First Supporters

FROM:  Chris LaCivita and Susie Wiles,  Donald J. Trump for President 2024

DATE:  September 5, 2023

RE:  Summer Recap

Let’s recap the terrible summer the “impressive” Ron Dee-Santis campaign has had and what it means for the fall.

First, there is no Dee-Santis “campaign.” After several reboots, the dumping of their “Manager” and re-shuffling of the deck chairs, the Dee-Santis campaign is a shell of its once former self. Nearly broke, and spending what primary cash they have in a desperate attempt to build a small-dollar donor base beyond Florida, the Dee-Santis operation has now completely entrusted its success to a SuperPAC. Clearly, this SuperPAC views the campaign staffers of Ron! Inc. with disdain, even contempt.  Why else would you leak a debate instructions memo, polling data, and other strategic information? Because all the “chiefs” (and there are a lot of them!) at Always Back Down, or No Big Deal, don’t trust the “brain trust” of Ron! Inc. SAD.

With the SuperPAC in control of everything Ron and Casey Dee-Santis do, say, and think — including their mode of transportation — it’s not at all surprising that the “chiefs” are continuing their all-out spending spree in a desperate attempt to regain 1st place loser status (that’s second place for those not following) in the early Caucus and Primary states. Following Ron Dee-Santis’s potted-plant performance at the debate in Milwaukee (he needed a “Big Moment” according to Chief Strategist, Chief Executive Officer of Axiom, and Chief leaker of memos and presentations, Jeff Roe) the current Governor of Florida continues to see a downward spiral in his polling numbers. The “chiefs” at Always Back Down have decided — in their infinite wisdom, certainly not the campaign’s — to devise the “DeSantis index.” This index will help the “chiefs” gauge how much money they can continue to pilfer from unsuspecting donors. Below is a graphic that shows the “Dee-Santis index.”




Of course, if charts and darts are not your thing, how about this from NBC News, announced just a week after the debate:

Pro-Ron DeSantis super PAC ends door-knocking in Nevada and Super Tuesday states

“The decision to fold its door-knocking operations in Nevada and some Super Tuesday states coincides with DeSantis’ rough summer, which has featured him struggling to gain traction against the GOP front-runner, former President Donald Trump, since launching his campaign in late May. In recent weeks, DeSantis’ campaign has publicly promoted resets and staff shake-ups as he seeks to generate momentum.”

Or how about this from The Washington Post:

Republican race remains stuck as Trump dominates heading into fall

“Republican rivals of Donald Trump and their allies have run about $75 million in advertising, hosted hundreds of events, deployed small armies of door-knockers and staged a presidential debate with ratings akin to the NBA Finals.

But they have little to show for any of it […] A majority of the national GOP electorate now tell pollsters they support Trump’s renomination after the first debate, up about 10 points from the spring. His closest rival, Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis, has watched his support cut in half from the 30s in March to now approaching the rest of the single-digit field.”

But Fear Not!! The “chiefs” have a plan!!!

What’s the plan? Well, like everything else, Chief leaker of plans and presentations Jeff Roe held a secret meeting. The day of Ron Dee-Santis’s debate — or actually the Vivek Ramaswamy debate — Chief Jeff Roe pleaded with the attendees: “don’t leak this!” Well, guess what? The entire presentation ended up with The New York Times. His secret? “We need 50 million bucks” — (suckers).

As recorded, and reported in The New York Times:

With urgency in his voice, Mr. Roe told the donors he required much of the $50 million in the next month before the second G.O.P. debate on Sept. 27. He said he needed $5 million a month just to sustain his Iowa operations. And he said Mr. DeSantis needed to beat Donald J. Trump in ‘the next 60 days’ and separate from all of his other rivals ‘now.’

The audio revealed that the people running the DeSantis super PAC, Never Back Down, are placing big bets now in the hope that donors will cover them later. And it underscored just how steep a task the group confronts as it heads into the fall with its candidate far behind Mr. Trump in the polls, a campaign that is low on cash and a growing recognition that a Trump victory in Iowa could accelerate the end of the Republican race.”

A word of caution for all of you who are advising donors that funding a first-time legal experiment in the context of a campaign is a good bet — more from The New York Times:

“Super PACs are allowed to raise unlimited sums but because of the prohibition against coordination they are usually used as a piggy bank to buy advertising. Everything else that’s part of a modern presidential campaign — from events, to bus tours, to the labor intensive business of calling voters and knocking on their doors — is usually handled by the campaign. But because the DeSantis campaign has relatively little cash and the super PAC has had plenty, Never Back Down has taken over all of those functions.

The unusual arrangement has necessitated an awkward tap dance around campaign finance laws. Mr. DeSantis insists he is technically separate from this super PAC even as he travels around on a bus funded by the super PAC and even as he attends his own events as a ‘special guest’ of the super PAC.”

Where’s the Ben Ginsberg quote when you need one?

Of course, all of the discussion regarding the plans, charts and darts, and contemplations and timelines of Always Back Down and every other campaign, is debated without any consideration as to what the Donald J. Trump for President Campaign will do — and the assets it brings to the table.

First — a committed and loyal following that, even Democrats admit, is a movement.

Organization — An understanding of the tactics and rules that govern modern day campaigning, and long-time relationships with Party committees and leadership throughout the country.

Resources — Tens of millions of dollars in a campaign account that is primary cash, and is worth 30 percent more than a SuperPAC dollar — more efficient and effective in spend.

Record — President Trump has a record of conservative action that doesn’t require convincing. Americans prospered under President Trump’s leadership, and Republicans see the difference every day as Joe Biden’s failed administration drags on.

Despite the constant attacks, bogus indictments, and banana republic tactics, Republican voters recognize President Trump is the most electable Republican in the field — a belief that is demonstrated in many recent polls that have Donald Trump besting Crooked Joe Biden.

But those who want to stop Donald Trump won’t just resort to trying to jail him. Now, the deranged Democrats and Never Trump Republicans are pushing a bogus theory on the 14th Amendment — one that has been thoroughly debunked, yet will generate press and clickbait. The more they come up with ways to keep him from running, the stronger Donald Trump gets and the larger his ballot share.

Our ask?

Just $50 dollars from each of the millions of loyal grassroots donors who want to Make America Great Again!



President Donald J. Trump to Attend the Iowa Hawkeyes vs. Iowa State Cyclones Football Game


Bedminster, NJ — President Donald J. Trump, 45th President of the United States of America, will visit Ames, Iowa to attend the University of Iowa v. Iowa State University football game on Saturday, September 9, 2023 at 2:30PM CT.

Matt Whitaker, President Trump’s Acting Attorney General of the United States and a former tight end for the Iowa Hawkeyes stated, “We’re thrilled to invite Donald J. Trump to the Iowa vs. Iowa State football game this weekend. President Trump attended this game in 2015 and remembers the incredible passion and electricity of the fans.”

“Tens-of-thousands of Iowans will gather to tailgate and cheer on their favorite team. I’m proud to have President Trump witness the greatest rivalry in college sports,” stated Jack Whitver, Senate Majority Leader and former Cyclones wide receiver.

Date and Time

Saturday, September 9, 2023

2:30PM CT


Jack Trice Stadium

1732 S 4th Street

Ames, IA 50011

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