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Marjorie Taylor Greene Calls for Trump to Completely Dismantle the DC Administrative State After Raid

RICHMOND, Virginia–Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) asserted on Wednesday that former President Donald Trump has a “list” of people and will be “taking out the enemies in Washington” if he wins in 2024.

During a conversation with me on the radio on Thursday, Rep. Greene suggested that Trump should target unelected government employees after his Mar-a-Lago estate was searched by FBI agents.

We all know it. She said it.

“Those unelected bureaucrats are the ones you should be the most afraid of because they never leave,” she explained. “And those are the people that knew President Trump was going to get rid of them because he said it and he meant it.”

Greene claimed that Trump had not been aware of the identities of his enemies during his first four years as president.

“But he knows now,” she said. “And so do all of us and we are committed to the next four years of his presidency of taking out the enemies in Washington. They are the enemies within. They are the enemies of the American people. They’re the enemies of our freedom. They are the enemies of our Constitution.”

Greene added: “They know he’s serious and that he’s got the list and it’s going to happen. And so this is all about stopping him.”

That’s why they’ll do anything to stop him. Trump represents the greatest political movement in the nation’s history. And he is a direct threat to the Uni-Party Marxist elitists that will stop at nothing to maintain power over its dominion.

Watch the video below.



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