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MAGA Inc. Sunday Note

Good evening,

There are just eight days until the Iowa Caucus. President Donald Trump held four rallies this weekend in Iowa and will hold four more next weekend.

On Saturday, in Clinton, Iowa President Trump summed up the choice before voters: “Under the Trump administration, you were better off, your family was better off, your neighbors were better off, your communities were better off, and your country was better off.”

Joe Biden knows he has no record to run on, so instead he is trying fear tactics. Biden can’t run on a porous border or a weak economy. Even Barack Obama knows Biden is in trouble as The Washington Post reported that Obama is worried that Biden will lose to President Trump.

Taylor Budowich,
CEO, Make America Great Again Inc.


Haley thinks illegal immigrants aren’t “criminals” and admits to changing her personality for voters:


•Republicans condemned Nikki Haley this past week for an unsurfaced clip showing that she thinks Americans shouldn’t call illegal immigrants “criminals.”

◦Rep. Greg Steube said Haley is “not fit to be Commander-in-Chief.”

•Fox News’ Bill Melugin reported that Haley “has had a string of gaffes in recent days. She flubbed an answer about slavery and the Civil War. She said New Hampshire voters would have to ‘correct’ what Iowa does. Then she said this yesterday.” Melugin then played a clip of Haley saying, “Iowa starts it. You change personalities, you go into New Hampshire.”


CBS Poll: 75 percent of Americans think the situation at the southern border is a “crisis” or “very serious”:


•Unlike Nikki Haley, voters are very concerned about what’s going on at the southern border. The latest CBS poll showed that 63 percent of voters think Biden should be tougher on illegal immigrants trying to cross at the border. Nearly 70 percent of voters told CBS that they disapprove of how Biden is handling the border.

•President Trump said in Iowa on Saturday, “The stakes of this election could not be higher. Under Crooked Joe Biden, our borders have been erased…you cannot have a country without borders. Millions of illegal aliens are invading from all over the world.”

Joe Biden tells “ghost stories” as he has nothing to run on:

•On CNN’s State of the Union, Brad Todd said, “I watched Joe Biden’s speech and I saw an old man telling ghost stories trying to scare the kids. The fact of the matter is Biden doesn’t want to talk about where the state of the country is.”

•Biden is the actual threat to democracy. He is attempting to imprison his chief political opponent and his administration has routinely weaponized law enforcement.

Axios reported Sunday that high-level Democrats, including Obama, are fretting about Joe Biden losing to President Trump. CBS’ latest polling found that 59 percent of Americans disapprove of the job Biden is doing.

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