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Liz Peek: Democrat Fear-Mongering Allows Biden to Destroy Trump’s Legacy

Photo and report courtesy of Liz Peek and FOX News

Attack allowed Democrats to portray Trump’s supporters as dangerous extremists.

The events of Jan. 6 were heinous and inexcusable; tragically, a police officer and four Trump supporters lost their lives.

For Democrats, they were also extremely useful.

The attack on the Capitol finally gave Democrats the ammunition they needed to portray President Trump’s supporters as dangerous extremists. Up until Jan. 6, drawing that characterization had been challenging, since the country had not witnessed a single significant outbreak of violence amid all the giant rallies and marches – complete with guns! – that for four years had celebrated the president.

The effort to demonize Trump backers was set back further last summer when riots broke out across the country, fueled by charges of police racism and enabled by progressive mayors and governors who tolerated the looting and destruction. Those melees were not caused by the scary Right, but by the Left – the people who later came out to vote for Joe Biden. In some cities, like Portland, those disturbances are ongoing.

That was awkward, but Democrats breezed right through the smoke clouds left by burning cars and buildings, continuing to warn that it was right-wing conspiracy mongers who posed the greatest threat to the nation. And, the liberal media pitched in, hilariously dismissing the riots as “mostly peaceful.”


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