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Lin Wood, Sydney Powell Claim Massive Voter Fraud At Georgia Rally 

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Lin Wood, Sydney Powell Claim Massive Voter Fraud At Georgia Rally By John Fredericks 

ALPHARETTA, Georgia – It was billed as a press conference to be conducted by noted Georgia attorney Lin Wood and election fraud lawyer Sidney Powell, put on by a group called Keep America Free – Stop The Fraud, ostensibly to update the public and media on their respective election lawsuit progress.

In reality, it quickly morphed into a massive, raucous rally of better than 1,500 fervent Trump supporters, convinced their votes were marginalized by Democrat election cheating.

They expressed their disgust with Georgia’s highest-ranking public officials in no uncertain terms.

Held on a crisp sunny Wednesday afternoon at a pristine Alpharetta horse park, the deplorables who attended the press-conference turned pep-rally were as vociferous as they were overtly committed to fighting for election integrity.

Wood, the famous Atlanta lawyer who defended Richard Jewell and Nicholas Sandman, emceed the event and pulled no punches. To the delight of the crowd, he demanded immediate action from Georgia Governor Brian Kemp (R) to call for a legislative special session to investigate his allegations of vote fraud in the recent Georgia election.

Wood has filed a lawsuit to nullify the election in its entirety, which will likely be ruled on by the Supreme Court.

“Don’t let them steal your vote, don’t let them steal your election, don’t let them steal your country,” Wood thundered to a cheering crowd.

Appealing directly to Trump’s most ardent supporters, Wood issued a warning to Democrats and GOP state leaders: “They picked a fight with the wrong people. They thought this was the Party of Mitt Romney…of John McCain. It’s the Party of Trump.”

Wood predicted that Trump would be inaugurated on January 20. “You want evidence,” Wood asked rhetorically. “We’ll show you evidence. Enough to send Brian Kemp and [Sec. of State] Brad Raffensberger to prison. How’s that for evidence?”

That evoked chants of “lock them up” from the partisan crowd.

Wood then chided the two GOP Senate candidates in the all or nothing run-off for control of the U.S. Senate on January 5.

“Where is Senator David Perdue? Where is Kelly Loeffler? Why are they not here,” Wood challenged the audience.  “Where is RNC Chairman Rona McDaniel? They want your vote. They want your money. Make them earn it.”

This is likely sending chills up the spine of traditional Republican D.C. consultants who have descended on Georgia for the run-off election.

Powell was no less forgiving. She recommended that Georgians should abstain from voting in the January 5 run-off. “I encourage all Georgians to say you will not vote again until your elected leaders prove that your vote is counted and secure.”

Powell, who represented General Michael Flynn until his recent Presidential pardon, called for national vote reform that would include universal paper ballots with thumbprints.

Concerning her lawsuits, Powell said she was turning all of her evidence over to the Department of Justice, which elicited boos from the audience, followed by a chant of “Fire [CIA Director] Haspel.”

Powell made claims of vote fraud existing in the DNA of voting software: “they flipped votes through sophisticated Algorithms which gave us un-explicable spikes in votes for Biden,” and mentioned money traced back to China before asserting there should not be a runoff.

“The election was fraudulent. The evidence we have is overwhelming.”

Flynn’s former attorney asserted that there were also vote-buying schemes, shredded ballots, and phony counterfeit ballots coming from Mexico.

Vernon Jones Contradicts Powell on Run-Off 

Trying to buck the trend and get out the vote for Loeffler and Perdue, Democrat Georgia House member Vernon Jones, who flipped to Trump over the summer, implored the audience to vote in the run-off.

“I do not want to see the country go any farther left,” Jones said.

He also called on Kemp to order a special session, stating the law does not allow the Secretary of State to set rules for an election, “Only the legislature can do that,” Jones said.

That enthusiasm was quickly doused by Wood, who again demanded action first.

“Send them [Loeffler and Perdue] a message,” Wood bellowed to wild applause.“They don’t have the power just because they have ‘Senator’ in front of their name. You hired one, Kemp hired the other. You have the power.”

Christine, a Trump voter said her spirit was renewed by the rally. “We the deplorables have figured out we have the power, not these elected people. We are now weaponizing our vote. We want action. Stand with us now or we stay home on January 5. Pick one.”

When asked to define the action, she answered, “We want a special session – now!”

The deadline to register to vote in the runoff races is Dec 7th with early voting set to begin on Dec 14th. Despite being divided on whether or not to vote in the upcoming runoff races, all the speakers unanimously agreed, a special session is needed in Georgia.

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