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Liar-Liar Pants On Fire! Dems Top 10 Impeachment Lies

Congressional Democrats are lying and misleading the American people about their case for impeachment…the lies have piled up! 

1. They lied about how this sham got started.

·         Adam Schiff lied by claiming they weren’t in contact with the whistleblower, when in fact his staff colluded with the whistleblower before the complaint was even filed.

2. They lied about their motivations.

·         They claim it’s not political, but Rep. Al Green admitted on national television this was about stopping the President’s re-election.

3. They lied about their “evidence.”

·         Schiff misrepresented “evidence” and passed off hearsay, assumptions, and conjecture as direct evidence.

4. They lied about the strength of their case.

·         House Democrats claimed they had an overwhelming case, yet now demand more witnesses and evidence be brought forward.

5. They lied about the President’s call with Zelensky.

·         Schiff read a fake transcript of the July 25th call on national television to mislead the American people – because there was nothing wrong in the actual transcript.

6. They lied about obstruction.

·         Instead of going to court to defend their subpoenas, House Democrats decided to dishonestly label any instance of their absurd demands not being met “obstruction.”

7. They lied about there being a quid pro quo.

·         Despite what House Democrats claim, President Zelensky has said there was no pressure and that he didn’t even know that aid was held up at the time of his call.

8. They lied about the Ukraine aid.

·         They claim President Trump endangered national security by withholding aid to Ukraine, but they leave out that it was Obama that refused to provide lethal aid to Ukraine.

9. They lied about the process.

·         They claim to have run a fair process, yet they broke with one precedent after another and deprived the President of due process rights.

10. They lied about the “urgent” need for impeachment.

·         Nancy Pelosi and House Democrats held the articles from the Senate after saying it was urgent for months.

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