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KISS OF DEATH: A Walking, Talking Embarrassment

“Ron DeSanctimonious must have a real fixation for being embarrassed and disrespected for the entire world to see. He must really like it or he’s just along for the ride. Either way, his epic flameout will be studied by political scholars for generations and will be a case study on how not to run a campaign.

In a fit of desperation for relevance and attention like a crying schoolchild, Ron will take his non-talents to CNN for a townhall that 27 people will watch.

Today was also the last day for Ron to take his name off the Florida ballot to save himself the embarrassment of losing his home state primary in a few months. A devastating new poll shows him at just 19%, while President Trump dominates at 60%. At this rate, the entire DeSanctus name will be tainted from ever running for political office ever again.

To top off a hellish day for DeSanctus, a new Associated Press report highlighted the potential illegal coordination between Ron, his campaign, and the Always Back Down super PAC.”

– Steven Cheung, Trump spokesperson

Ron DeSanctimonious, who has been in a downward spiral in the polls, has until today to remove his name from the 2024 Florida GOP primary ballot.

A new poll released this morning shows that President Trump is leading DeSanctus by 41 points in Florida.

DeSanctus, as has been the trend everywhere, has continued to fall, dropping 4 points in Florida since August. In Florida, Trump’s lead has grown to double Ron’s support.



To make matters much worse for DeSanctus, a new report from The Associated Press shines a light on possible illegal coordination between the DeSanctus campaign operation and supporting super PACs.

From The Associated Press:

The governor and his wife, Casey, who is widely considered his top political adviser, were especially frustrated after the group took down a television ad last month that criticized leading Republican rival Nikki Haley for allowing a Chinese manufacturer into South Carolina when she was governor.

DeSantis’ team shared those messaging concerns with members of Never Back Down’s board, which includes Florida-based members with close ties to the governor, according to multiple people briefed on the discussions. Some of the board members then relayed the DeSantis team’s wishes to super PAC staff, which was responsible for executing strategy, the people said.

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