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Judiciary DEMS take 11 minutes to vote Trump Impeachment out of Committee

Democrats’ Desperate Impeachment Sham Limps On…articles pass on party line vote 23-17… AOC led Dems desperate attempt to fulfill their mission to undo the 2016 election…foreign leaders laughing at US at Doha Forum…2020 Pelosi Armageddon looms…Dem bloodbath feared by centrists…

  • These articles have no support in logic or fact and Democrats are just trying to salvage their failing impeachment.
  • Dems have tried from day one to impeach the President – disregarding all precedent, fairness, and sane judgement along the way.
  • Dems repeatedly accused the President of bribery, extortion, or whatever else their focus groups came up with. Yet, each one of those accusations failed.

The evidence shows absolutely no abuse of power whatsoever.

  • To this day, Democrats have failed to show any evidence that the President did anything wrong at all.
  • There is no evidence that the decision to temporarily place withhold aid was tied to an investigation into Burisma, the Bidens, or the 2016 election.
  • President Zelensky himself has said they he was never pushed or pressured to do anything.
  • The aid was released and the President met with Zelensky, yet no investigations were launched.
  • The only abuse of power has been by the Democrats and their handling of this process.

Democrats’ obstruction claims are completely unfounded.

  • The President has rightfully exercised long-standing constitutionally based privileges.
  • Democrats have ridiculously decided that any refusal to comply with their every beck and call qualifies as obstruction.
  • By their new standard, Democrats would have been forced to impeach Obama over his handling of the “Fast and Furious” investigation.
  • The President has been completely transparent with the American people.
  • President Trump made the unprecedented decision to release the transcript of both his calls with Ukraine.

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