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John Fredericks Radio LIVE! Godzilla of Truth Stumps Iowa

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Des Moines, Iowa–January 30 2020:  Boots on the Ground Radio! 

The John Fredericks Show, in partnership with The Job Creators Network, will be live in Iowa from Thursday, January 30 to Tuesday, February 4.

We will be touring the Hawkeye State in our mobile rolling radio tour bus, covering the key events leading up to the first in the nation Democratic presidential primary caucuses on Monday.

The John Fredericks Show and our panelists, including Elaine Parker and Curtis Ellis, will be engaging live with Democratic primary voters, presidential candidates and their surrogates. In the coming days we will be attending various Democratic presidential candidate’s functions, town halls and rallies, bringing our audience live on the ground action from all the campaigns.

We start our Iowa coverage this morning at the Des Moines Knapp Center at Drake University in preparation for tonight’s Trump Keep America Great Rally, where rally goers have been waiting hours in the cold to get in the arena for tonight’s rally.

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Special Iowa Live Show Hours: 

Thursday-Friday and Monday 
6 AM to 9AM–11AM to 12 PM–1 PM to 4PM
Saturday – Sunday
1 PM to 4PM
6AM to 9 AM

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