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“It’s Our Woke” – John Fredericks Exclusive on Impeachment

The Democrats partisan impeachment sham will have a major and longstanding impact on Trump voters. It’s our Woke. 

While the inside the beltway talking heads and elitists on both sides of the political isle will talk in circles about an unfair process and an effort by Democrats to “nullify the 2016 election,” here’s the real message to Trump voters by Democrats: “You’re stupid.” 

Dems Message to Trump Voters: 

Thats right: according to the impeachment Dems in Congress, you are just too stupid to allow your vote to matter.

In fact, Dems think you are really too stupid to have a job, let alone determine the direction of the country.

You have dirt under your fingernails and you are smelly when you shop at Walmart.

You work paycheck to paycheck, you drink cheap off the C-store shelf beer and you eat at Bojangles.

You’re dumb, you voted for Trump, you don’t understand the world or trade or globalism, you don’t respect our environment, the administrative state, you are not politically correct and you pollute the air in your pick-up truck. You are stupid.

Dems are saying: “We are smart–and we have to make an intervention to save you from yourself. Sorry, Trump voters, you just can’t fix stupid. Now go back under the rock you crawled out from and run along. We are the D.C. elites, we will decide what’s best for America.

Trump Voters: We are woke. We are quiet. Our voices will be heard on November 3, 2020. 

This is our woke moment.

The Trump voter, the deplorable, the working men and women of this country went out and voted for Trump in 2016 because they knew something was terribly wrong in Washington.

They wanted somebody to go to the swamp and dismantle the administrative state and start looking out for them instead of throwing them under the bus and shipping their jobs to China and Vietnam and God knows where else.

They were sick and tired of their representatives selling them out while sucking up to slave trade cheap labor donors on Wall Street and Goldman Sachs that feathered their nests.

You don’t need seven hours of Fox News and 25 talking heads to decipher this.

The Party of Trump: Labor 

President Trump and his America First agenda has transformed the Republican party from the party of elites, the party of Mitt Romney who would go to NASCAR but wouldn’t dare go to the infield and talk to real people–he would go and sit in the owners box.

He’s driven the metamorphosis of John McCain’s Party of the Whigs that wanted to police the globalist world, open our borders, give amnesty for all and let the statists call the shots.

Trump has eradicated the GOP of George W. Bush, who launched endless wars, bailed out Wall Street gangster-banksters, drove Heritage Foundation’s open multi-lateral trade deals that made billions off the back of workers while decimating our manufacturing base.

Trump has transformed the decrepit dying Republican party of D.C. insiders and K Street fat cats into the party of working class Americans, of men and women who live week to week.

This is now the party of Trump. This is the America First movement.

Trump’s base is working class Americans. It’s labor.

If you really understand this, you can grasp why the Democrats are so desperate to nullify this vote and get Trump out.

The risk to Democrats is existential.

Trump connects with working class people. They don’t.

The working class has been the mainstay of Democratic Party power for the last 90 years.

If Trump wins again, he breaks their choke hold on labor. It becomes a generational shift.

Democrats can’t have that happen. So they impeach.

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