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Joe Biden Caught Reading Off Teleprompter During TV Interview (Again)

Just like Ron Burgundy, Joe Biden will read anything off the teleprompter. “Look, Venezuela topline message is…” Biden said last night during an interview with NBC Miami, embarrassingly reading verbatim the title of the talking points prepared for him by his handlers.

It’s the latest evidence that Biden regularly relies on scripts, even during TV interviews. Biden fumbled in a livestream conversation in May before instructing his staff offscreen to “put that back on,” “keep it down,” and then “go back to the top.” He’s been caught waving to staff off screen to scroll the teleprompter, asking, “let me go to the second thing.” He got caught reading long-winded answers off a script – his eyes and his cadence gave it away – in an interview with MSNBC. He even needed a script to invite Kamala Harris to be his vice president.

The damaging optics of Biden using written, paper notes during TV interviews – and his inability to make sense – must have been too much. No wonder Biden’s handlers have stuck to a strict strategy of keeping him hidden away from reporters and voters for as long as they could.

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