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Jane Harmon Publicly Snubs Ivanka Trump At Doha Forum

DOHA, December 14 2019—By John Fredericks 

In a blatant display of un-American ignorance, former Congresswoman and ranking Intel Committee member Jane Harmon purposely snubbed Senior Presidential Advisor Ivanka Trump at the 19th annual Doha Forum.

Now Director and President of the Wilson Center, a lefty think tank that spews out pie in the sky globalist theories on one world government, Harmon was a panelist on: “Whose Migration? Regional Cooperation and the New Balance of Power.”

Ms. Trump is headlining a panel at the forum with Morgan Ortagus, U.S. State Department spokesperson entitled: “Spotlight Conversation.”

Ivanka Trump was present for the forum’s opening and was seated with many heads of state in the front row.

In her opening remarks, Harmon said she was honored to lead an “all women U.S. delegation to Doha,” which she said included herself, Merissa Khurma, a Wilson Center deputy and State’s Morgan Ortagus.

Harmon conspicuously left out Ivanka Trump, who was sitting in the front row only moments prior to her panel’s introduction.

Ms. Trump carries the title: Senior Advisor to the President of the United States.

In her remarks, Harmon trashed President Trump’s trade and tariff policies with China, stating that we had to find a way to get along with China in a global market.

“Trump’s tariffs are spooking international trading markets,” Harmon said.

The former Democratic House member made no mention of the 500,000 manufacturing jobs Trump’s trade policies are responsible for bringing back to America, nor the one-half million workers who now have good paying jobs as a result.

I suppose Harmon hasn’t accepted Trump’s election in 2016, or Ivanka’s role in framing U.S. policy, much like her impeachment Dems buddies in the House today.

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