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It’s Time for RPV to Fight and Win Again

Dear Fellow Virginia Republican,

In the latest assumption of unprecedented authority with no Constitutional validity, Gov. Ralph Northam yesterday ordered all residents—with few exceptions—to wear face coverings inside places where people congregate. Although failure to wear a face-covering won’t be a crime, it will be “enforced” by the Virginia Department of Health through its licensing and inspection powers. Most disturbing, Northam signaled that he may seek legislation this summer to allow for civil fines for citizens who don’t wear masks. And never forget: This comes from a chief executive of our Commonwealth who was caught in Virginia Beach this past weekend violating every “order” he has issued regarding face coverings and safe distancing.


This latest development is the work of a partisan politician acting as an authoritarian and assuming powers not granted by the United States or Virginia Constitutions. Over the last three months, he has shut down and collapsed our state economy, created unprecedented unemployment, put our citizens in the bread line, and created soaring levels of anxiety, depression, suicides, substance abuse, domestic abuse, child neglect, child malnutrition, and delayed surgeries and healthcare.

While the coronavirus represents a threat and we should safeguard ourselves with reasonable precautions, there is no justification for quarantining the Constitution. It is time for citizens everywhere to resist this intrusive overreach by the strong arm of government. It is time for non-violent and peaceful civil disobedience in the time-honored tradition of our Constitutional Republic. It is time for lawsuits and the rule of law in our courts. It is time for intervention by the United States Department of Justice. It is time to challenge these enemies of freedom on the battlefield of public policy. It’s time for Virginians to fight.


In the face of these unconstitutional “orders,” RPV has been absent from the fight.

Instead, RPV has not conducted a single press conference to challenge these unconstitutional actions. RPV has organized no public events that resist these intrusions into the private affairs of citizens and Virginia businesses. RPV has issued weakly-worded emails asking for Virginia Republicans to donate to a financially-anemic state party. RPV has not led.

In contrast, RPV has done two things.

First, RPV has refused to fight on behalf of Virginia Republicans. Second, RPV announced today that the party chairman has appointed a committee to devise a plan for the location and timing of this year’s RPV State Convention. Originally scheduled for May 1-2 in Lynchburg, the convention was moved to Richmond on the same weekend. In another confusing maneuver, the date was changed to June 26-27. Today’s announcement further confuses the situation and tasks the new committee with producing recommendations by June 20th for consideration by the State Central Committee on June 27th. In short, a task that should have been completed two months ago.

The emerging perception across Virginia is that party leaders desire to push RPV elections toward the end of the year or beyond—and to jettison the traditional in-person convention for an unconventional method. It is crucial that RPV call for a traditional in-person convention in July that elects party leaders by majority vote as a vital factor in building a unified team that facilities Republican victories in November. This is the pathway to an RPV State Convention that is indisputably fair, ensures the legitimacy of the new RPV Chair, and moves our party forward to restoring itself and winning again.


Our principles are worth fighting for. They are timeless and are codified in the Republican Creed. They are under assault as never before by an emboldened Democrat Party that is on the march and embraces values that damage our country and families. Now is not the time for the timid.

Now is the time to fight…because It’s Time to Win Again.

Best regards,

Rich Anderson
Chair Candidate, Republican Party of Virginia (2020)
Member, Virginia General Assembly (2010-2018)
Colonel, United States Air Force (1979-2009)

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