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Insiders Slam Ronna McDaniel For Using RNC Donor Money As a ‘Piggy Bank’

Insiders slam Ronna McDaniel for using RNC donor money as a ‘piggy bank’ – with $500,000 spent on an apartment and $75,000 on beauty and spa services – ahead of vote TODAY to decide her fate as party chair:

  • Ronna McDaniel is again under fire for ‘wasteful spending’ of donor funds 
  • ‘RNC funds aren’t a piggy bank for a small handful of people to use as they see fit,’ a party insider told
  • FEC review shows $500K was spent on rent and $75K on ‘media preparation’ like hair, makeup, and nail services  

Ronna McDaniel is coming under even more fire for alleged frivolous spending as insiders claim she’s using donor money as a ‘personal piggybank’ – amid revelations the Republican National Conference spent nearly half-a-million dollars on her luxury Washington, D.C. apartment and another $75,000 on beauty and spa services.

The RNC chairwoman, who is facing a tough reelection racee  for an unprecedented fourth term on Friday, has faced criticism from her opponents for wasteful spending of donor funds meant for getting more Republicans elected.

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A new review of Federal Election Committee filings show that funds went toward rent in one of the most luxury apartment buildings in Washington, D.C., which includes an indoor pool, hot tub, sauna, steam room, Equinox gym, indoor basketball court and bowling alley, among other amenities.

RNC member for Hawaii Laura Nakanelua, who is backing McDaniel’s challenger Harmeet Dhillon, said people have a right to know how the money is being spent and whispers of questionable spending have circulated for weeks.

Read the full report from the Daily Mail.




  1. Johanna Marie Hartin

    I can’t believe y’all didn’t listen to the people no one is going to donate money to the RNC we fan donate to the candidate individuals vs RNC where they will crap our money away lol y’all screwed urself
    Johanna Hartin I’m starting local Feb 10th woman’s meeting

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