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In Trump-Biden Era, Virginia is Not a Swing State

“Virginia is one of 17 battleground states that we’re investing in around the country,” said Samantha Cotten, a regional spokeswoman for the Trump campaign.

John Fredericks, a conservative radio host who was Trump’s 2016 Virginia chairman, said Trump volunteers are engaging in the door-knocking and rallies that Biden’s team has largely scrapped because of the pandemic. He said that grass-roots organizing is more critical than television ads in Virginia, where the strategy is not to sell skeptics on Trump, but to get every last one of his supporters to the polls.

“This election is not about persuasion. It’s about mobilization,” said Fredericks, who led a rally inside a Lexington restaurant on the eve of Pence’s visit to VMI. “And we’re mobilizing like I’ve never seen before.”
Read the full article from The Washington Post.

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