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In the News: Trump’s 2022 Prediction for Brian Kemp: ‘The Base Isn’t Going to Show Up’

Story and photo courtesy of The Atlanta Journal-Constitution – By and

Senior Republicans can’t seem to get Donald Trump to lay off Gov. Brian Kemp, as much as they wish he would. In an interview Thursday, the former president called Kemp “a disaster” and predicted that the governor he once embraced would lose in November.

“We’ll see who’s going to be running against Kemp, but I would imagine somebody will. If somebody ran, they’d win in the Republican primary,” Trump told radio host John Fredericks of Kemp.”

“But he’s not going to be able to win the general election anyway, because the base isn’t going to show up for him.”

Kemp has already drawn several challengers, of course, including party-switching former Democrat Vernon Jones. But Jones remains too laden with political baggage for most Republicans to support, a dynamic that seems to extend to Trump.

Read the full story from The Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

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