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In Iowa, Sanders Surges While Coastal Dem Elites Seethe

In Iowa, Bernie Sanders Surges While Coastal Dem Elites Seethe 

Iowa Dems On Verge of Sticking A Finger In The Eye of Party Corporatists

By John Fredericks Feb. 2, 2020 

Des Moines, Iowa—An outsider and perceived crank no more, Bernie Sanders, the avowed socialist and unapologetic soak the rich candidate is poised to win the all-important first in the nation Iowa caucus Monday night.

And win it big.

You have to be here on the ground like we have this week to really grasp the enthusiasm that has grown for Sanders, the 78-year old Democrat-Socialist Senator from Vermont, at the eleventh hour.

Stuck in the middle of the Iowa pack for months, Sanders had a breakthrough in the last two weeks.

It’s called the U.S. Senate impeachment trial.

The trial kept Sanders off the Iowa campaign trail—and forced the campaign to call in their top surrogates.

Enter AOC, stage left.

Since freshman Lefty phenom Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) arrived in Iowa, she has drawn huge crowds and fired up Sander’s base like a lit match in a smoldering gas can.

This is now AOC’s Party. She’s Bernie’s third-term. It’s not lost on DNC Chair Tom Perez and the Party apparatchik.

Not a single Iowa caucus vote has been cast, and already the Democratic corporatist-elites are in full meltdown mode over the prospect of a Sanders candidacy – or worse yet—presidency. They are about to see their billions from Silicon Valley and Wall Street dry up.

While Democrat Party bosses feign their love and commitment to their “grassroots” and “activists,” they secretly loath them. Wall Street hedge funders are still their masters.

They know if Sanders wins Iowa, he’ll win New Hampshire, making him the front-runner.

So they sprang into action last week, first changing the DNC primary rules to accommodate billionaire media mogul and former Republican New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg onto the big boy-girl debate stage after New Hampshire.

This after Bloomberg forked over a cool $325 million donation to the DNC.

Then a band of senior Dem officials secretly plotted a pathway to re-instate super-delegates before the first ballot in Milwaukee.

The last straw was the clumsily canceled all-important Sunday Des Moines-Register-CNN poll, the acknowledged gold standard of Iowa caucus eve polls. They claimed a technicality over an enlarged font.


Or did the poll reveal a surge for Sanders they couldn’t reveal? The Gannett owned Des Moines Register newspaper is deeply in-debt to their money slaves in lower Manhattan. The company owes $1.8 billion to private equity firm Apollo Global Management, a tall order for a company with falling annual revenues of $4.2 billion last year. Their lien holders outsource jobs overseas and decimate America’s supply chain in favor of low-wage slave labor in Asia to enhance their share-holder value metric.

A Sanders nomination brings that full circle.

They already have President Trump costing them billions. The last thing they need is a Bernie Sanders baking tariffs and decent wages for American workers into their rip-off finance cake.

Bernie, you see, is just bad for business. Big coastal finance can work with Joe Biden, Elizabeth Warren, Mayor Pete, or Amy Klobuchar. And Bloomberg would be a dream come true. He’s one of them.

So they’ve banked on stopping Bernie. First hope: Joe Biden.

The last days of the Biden Iowa campaign has seen the former Vice President close with this exciting vision: “I can beat Trump.”

Interpretation to Sander’s supporters: “business as usual.”

Contrast that with Sanders’ message at a campaign stop at a community college in Indianola, Iowa on Saturday, where he lit up his 300 strong audience with a compelling call to arms.

“We must do more than just defeat Trump,” Sanders thundered. “We have to have the courage to take on big banks, big insurance companies, big drug companies, the fossil fuel industry, and the military industrial complex.”

Sanders added, “We need a foreign policy of diplomacy not bombs. Our future is at stake.”

Jane Sanders, his wife, took the mic before her husband spoke and launched a missile at Biden, by way of Barack Obama.

“Trump can’t vilify Bernie for who he is. He’s authentic. He will not just make promises…He won’t just raise hope. He’ll bring real change.” Ouch.

Two of his supporters chatted with us on air Saturday, live on our radio bus tour at the Sanders town hall.

Saris Balcezkek and Tyler Birch came to Iowa on their own dime to canvass for Bernie. They said they raised their own money to fund their trip. Both 26 – “We’re old enough to have our own insurance”—they said Sander’s vision for the future inspired them. Saris is a sales rep for a local staffing firm and Tyler is a printing press operator. “We came here for Bernie, and there are thousands like us all over America,” Tyler said.

Sanders predicted a historic night on Monday: “We’ve knocked on 500,000 doors. We’ll have the largest caucus turnout in history. When we do, we win.”

When he wins, all hell breaks loose at the DNC.


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