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Impeachment Update, Trump Romps In December, RNC Fundraising Explosion

Dems continue to shoot themselves in the foot with impeachment…as 2019 winds down, AOC’s Dems continue their impeachment witch hunt ruse…after a baseless impeachment process in the House, Speaker Pelosi threatens not sending articles of impeachment to the Senate, holding them hostage while tying up the country…in an act of hypocrisy beyond the pale, Pelosi demands a “fair trial in the Senate when in fact it was her who led a complete unfair impeachment process when she was in control of the House…less than one year until the next Presidential election and Congressional Dems are still wasting all their time and energy trying to undo the results of the 2016 election. LOL! 

President Trump Romps big in December:

  • Just last week, President Trump scored huge accomplishments for the American people.
    • Space Force launched
    • Permanent HBCU funding
    • Pay raise for men and women in the military
    • Paid family leave for Federal Workers
    • Phase One of a trade deal with China
    • USMCA ratified in the House
  • It’s no wonder that Democrats place all their hope in impeachment – President Trump is unstoppable!

RNC and campaign fundraising continues to surge:

  • In the face of wall-to-wall negative coverage about President Trump and impeachment, the American people are making their voices heard with their checkbooks.
  • In November alone, the RNC raised $20.6 million, while the DNC only raised $8.1 million.
    • The RNC now has $63.2 million cash on hand and the DNC has $8.4 million.
    • The RNC remains debt free, but the DNC is drowning under $6.5 million worth of debt.
  • In 2019, the RNC raised $214.6 million and the DNC pulled in $83.6 million.
  • Despite what the media portrays, Americans are standing with the President.
  • As seen from the massive KAG rallies, real America backs everything President Trump is doing, while Washington elites try to undo it.

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