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ICYMI: Truth from President Donald J. Trump


Read the Truth here.


  1. Anonymous

    Respectfully, Mike Johnson IS a democrat. He does whatever they tell him to do. For example: Ukraine funding in the billions and $0 to close our border.

  2. Anonymous

    Nothing seems soon enough!!! I see your point and your probably right(since so far you have been right) but this is hard to watch as our country goes down the toilet. I’m sure Johnson has been threatened, him and his family and that is why we watch this nonsense. This man that calls himself our President is holding ammo from Israel. Such power needs to go. Israel should be able to defend themselves. Again watching insanity going on and what good has it been to be the majority? Just fed up!!!!!

  3. Anonymous

    Israel has bought up most all electronic Dales, Sprague and other companies and trashing most the equipment companies. Mr. Sandman CEO. VISHAY says in his book the Americans should go back to corn cribs to work.

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