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ICYMI: “Post-Indictment Poll: More Voters in Both Primary, General Election Say They’re Likelier to Vote for Trump”

New post-indictment polling data from former President Donald Trump’s campaign shows that not only does he hold a commanding lead in the GOP primary and a lead over Democrat President Joe Biden in a likely general election matchup but that more voters in both the primary and the general election say they are now going to vote for Trump because of it.

Read the full article by Matthew Boyle with Breitbart here.



Statement from President Trump on the Manhattan DA Leak





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  1. Dolores Markle

    D.A Bragg has already tainted any future jurors with his speech after the indictment he layed out all his negative points leading the public to believe trump is guilty and his word is final. The case should be dismissed. His points should be argued in court not on a public street.

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