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ICYMI: Federal Revenue Did Well Under the Trump Tax Cut

Despite recently passing legislation that will impose hundreds of billions of dollars in taxes on America’s job creators, my Democratic colleagues are using a new Government Accountability Office report as justification for a push to raise taxes even further on businesses they think aren’t paying their “fair share.” But the report, which examines the average effective tax rates of large corporations before and after the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017, argues more in favor of the GOP reforms than Democrats admit.

Issued on the request of the Democratic leaders of the Senate Finance and Senate Budget committees, the report elicited pronouncements from that side of the aisle that the GOP tax reforms provide corporate windfalls. The day it was released to the public, then-Budget Committee Chairman Sen. Bernie Sanders railed, “We need to repeal the Trump tax breaks for the rich and demand that the largest corporations in America finally start paying their fair share of taxes.”

Read the full article by Mike Crapo for the Wall Street Journal.


ICYMI: “Walters: Overlooked Americans ready for Trump’s return”

Thank you to Rasheed Walters. These incredible Patriots just want to see our Country return to Greatness Again. Right now, the U.S.A. is a Failing Nation, a Nation in Decline.

Like the majority of Americans, I am a reject.

Our politicians in Washington, D.C., elected to serve the people, instead populate the elitist swamp, selling out the American worker to China. Mainstream media consistently misrepresent our America First views as racist. We are also rejected by our compatriots, too oblivious to grasp that American First is the medicine for a nation sick with globalism.

Read the full article from the Boston Herald here.






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