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ICYMI: “Exclusive — Iowa AG Brenna Bird: Trump’s the Candidate ‘Who Can Fire Biden and Win Our Country Back’”

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Crooked Joe Biden’s Address to the Nation


The horrific catastrophes taking place in Israel as well as the chaos on our Southern Border and in hotspot after hotspot around the world, all have one thing in common: they were caused by Crooked Joe Biden’s deadly combination of incompetence, radicalism, and weakness.

When Biden gives his Oval Office address tonight, he is desperately hoping Americans will forget that it’s Biden himself who is responsible for these disasters. As America stumbles ever closer to World War III, Joe Biden is Neville Chamberlain trying to pose as Winston Churchill. He is an arsonist promising to rescue us from the world he set on fire. Europe and the Middle East are ablaze because of Crooked Joe Biden’s failed presidency. His credibility is shot, and our enemies and allies alike regard him as a pathetic joke.

President Trump has said repeatedly in the wake of the evil terrorist attacks on Israel that the United States must support Israel 100 PERCENT. Israel is one of our closest and most cherished allies—and they must have everything they need to defend themselves from those who want to wipe Israel from the map.

But that is just the beginning. The United States must immediately return to the Trump policies of completely and totally defunding each and every one of Israel’s mortal enemies, starting with Hamas and their terrorist sponsor, Iran.

If Biden’s speech does not include absolute commitments to economically isolate the Iranian regime and support the Israelis in defeating, dismantling, and permanently destroying the terrorist group Hamas, then Joe Biden does NOT stand with Israel—he funds and finances the barbarians who slaughter Israeli men, women, children, and infants, and he supports those who are committed to eradicating the Jewish state from the face of the earth. This is no time for weakness and neutrality. Joe Biden’s appeasement of Iran and Hamas must end.

Under the Trump administration, we imposed crippling sanctions on Iran and drove their accessible foreign currency reserves—their terror piggy bank—down from over $70 billion to just $6 billion by the time President Trump left office. Iran was essentially bankrupt.  President Trump also zeroed out funding for the Palestinians because they were using the money to fund violence and terror.

From his first days in office, Joe Biden made it his personal mission to enrich those who are trying to kill Israel. Biden restored hundreds of millions of dollars in funding to the Palestinians’ terror slush fund. He gutted Trump-imposed sanctions on Iran and gave the wicked Iranian regime tens of billions of dollars to fund their terrorist proxies, including Hamas and Hezbollah. Sadly, Israel is now paying the price for these Biden policies in blood.

Just this week, Joe Biden was in Israel offering a gift of $100 million dollars to the Palestinians without even demanding the release of American hostages. Meanwhile, he lectured Israel to fight with both hands tied behind their back. His performance in Israel was a disgrace to America and an insult to the Israeli people.

But perhaps Biden’s most shameful betrayal of all was his reported attempt to hold $10 billion in funding for American and Israeli hostages against a demand for $90 billion for his open borders agenda and his bottomless appetite for endless war in Ukraine. This is a hideous exploitation of the pain and suffering of the Israeli people. The American People MUST be allowed to support Israel without being forced to fund the invasion of millions of illegal aliens into the United States and without starting World War III in Ukraine.

Finally, Joe Biden has a moral duty tonight to declare that Hamas sympathizers and Israel-hating radicals have no place in the Democrat Party.

Just yesterday, Democrat members of Congress were cheering on an illegal pro-Hamas occupation of a House office building while repeating disproven terrorist propaganda falsely claiming that Israel bombed a hospital. Joe Biden must forcefully condemn and completely disavow the support of every Hamas sympathizer in his Democrat party, starting with Rashida Tlaib, Ilhan Omar, and AOC. Until he does, his words are meaningless and his foreign policy is run by the anti-Israel, pro-Hamas, “Squad.”



ICYMI: Trump Campaign Releases New Ad — “Brainwashed”


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