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ICYMI: DeSantis’ Childish Foreign Policy Clichés Betray Dangerous Lack of Historical, Intellectual and Diplomatic Sophistication

Bedminster, NJ — In an Agenda 47 video, President Trump called out the reckless RINO rhetoric coming from Ron DeSantis mocking Russia’s threat of nuclear weapons, which only escalates the chance of a deadly nuclear war.


Statesmanship and Peacemaking requires seriousness, sophistication, and historical perspective, not mindless talking points and shallow Washington bromides. Sadly, some people’s worldviews are too simple-minded to make peace.


DeSantis has long embraced neo-con foreign policies of John McCain, Mitt Romney, Karl Rove, and the Bushes—sending American troops and treasure to fight in endless wars around the globe. It is clear this is a battle between America First versus Swamp Conservative, Inc.


Watch President Trump’s video on Ron DeSantis’ foreign policy blunder.


DeSantis Sides with the Globalists


A Fox News commentator recently revealed that endless-war neo-cons like Jeb Bush, George Bush, and Karl Rove have been advising DeSantis.


DeSantis has flip-flopped on U.S. intervention in Ukraine in a recent interview with Piers Morgan, where he called Putin a “war criminal” who should be “held accountable”


The New York Times, wrote that neo-con globalists have “claimed DeSantis as their own.”




Calling Russia a “gas station with a bunch of nuclear weapons” — or calling Putin [a] QUOTE “authoritarian gas station attendant with some legacy of nuclear weapons from the old Soviet Union” — is exactly the kind of simple-minded thinking that has produced decades of failed diplomacy and ultimately, war. Where is that war going?


Those such as Mitt Romney and Ron DeSantis — very much alike — who insist on arrogantly treating Russia as deeply inferior to the other nations of the world, with no history or culture or pride, are not only ignorant and foolish, but their attitude makes it impossible to negotiate peace. Absolutely impossible.


Under my administration, we were tough on Russia — tougher than any administration before — but we also demonstrated RESPECT for Russia and the Russian people. We demonstrated understanding for Russian history, and the fact that Russia lost over 20 million lives in World War II. They were fighting with us.


This kind of neo-con rhetoric, mocking Russia’s nuclear weapons, along with implying that Putin must be tried and presumably executed as a WAR CRIMINAL, only increases the chance of deadly nuclear escalation. Fundamentally, it shows a lack of depth, a lack of seriousness, and a lack of sophistication on the subtleties and complexities of foreign policy. You can’t do certain things and end up with peace.


This is not the time for on-the-job training as we face the possibility of nuclear war. And our leaders, if you call them that, got us there. This is where we are. The word “nuclear” was never even mentioned during the Trump Administration.


Now it’s being mentioned every hour of every day. We need a statesman and a peacemaker in the White House, not someone who recites mindless and recycled talking points to win the approval of the failed foreign policy establishment. They didn’t know what they were doing. In 2024, I am the only candidate who can prevent World War III. I will prevent World War III — there’s nobody else that’s going to do that.


Thank you very much.

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