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ICYMI: “ABC/WaPo Poll: Trump Opens Up Clear 7-Point Lead Over Biden In 2024 Race”

The poll shows 49 percent of respondents said they would definitely or probably vote for Trump against Biden, or that they lean towards voting for Trump, whereas Biden in such a scenario only nets 42 percent.

That means Trump leads Biden by seven percent, well outside the survey’s margin of error.

In total, if Trump is the GOP nominee in 2024, the cross tabs for the poll show 36 percent say they would definitely vote for him against Biden, another nine percent say they would probably vote for Trump in that scenario, and another five percent are leaning toward voting for Trump.

In said scenario, Biden only has 32 percent who say they will definitely vote for him, just six percent who said they probably would, and another four percent who said they lean toward voting for Biden.

The fact Trump has such a commanding lead over Biden just about a week after Biden announced his reelection campaign is a remarkable turn of events for the former president. Not since the 19th century when in 1892 Americans elected then-former President Grover Cleveland back into the White House has the nation elected a former president who lost again. Cleveland was the 22nd president and the 24th president.

Trump is the nation’s 45th president and seeks to defeat Biden, the 46th president, to become also the 47th president of the United States.

This poll is not the only one showing a lead for Trump over Biden, and of course there is a long time between now and next November—and Trump still has to lock down the GOP nomination first before he gets a formal shot at a comeback—but this is the first establishment media survey showing Trump as the favorite for the White House from either party as spring turns to summer in 2023. Other surveys showing a Trump lead over Biden include Rasmussen Reports polls, and polls from Trump’s pollster Jim McLaughlin, but now that this trend is showing up in Washington Post/ABC News polling the White House must be feeling it.

Read the full story by Matthew Boyle of Breitbart News here.


Statement by Donald J. Trump, 45th President of the United States of America

I am heading to Des Moines this Saturday to rally with the Great People of Iowa! Unlike Joe Biden, I protected Iowa’s First-in-the-Nation Caucuses, and always will. Every promise I made to the people of Iowa, I fulfilled as your President, and even beyond my promises, I got Farmers 28 Billion Dollars from China, money that was unthinkable by anyone else. I also saved Ethanol, and did more for Iowa than anyone else in history—and will again!





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