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Huge Alert: President Trump Endorses John McGuire for Congress VA 05!

MANAKIN SABOT, VA — Candidate for Congress, Trump Virginia State Director, former Navy SEAL, and state Senator John McGuire released the following statement after Donald J. Trump announced his endorsement of McGuire’s congressional campaign:


“Thank you to President Donald J. Trump for endorsing my campaign for Congress! I’ve been with Trump since he came down the escalator and when I’m in Congress, I’ll back his agenda and put America First! Trump is exactly right about Bob Good. Our country is in dire peril under Biden and we need Trump to Save America. We cannot trust Bob Good. Trump has recognized that I’m the 100% MAGA candidate in this race and I appreciate it. I’m ready to give everything I’ve got to represent the 5th District effectively and aggressively. Let’s crack down on the border, keep woke ideologies out of schools, and protect our crucial 2nd Amendment. President Trump and I will be the voice of We the People in Washington. Please vote McGuire in the June 18 primary!”

President Trump said (click here):


“Bob Good is BAD FOR VIRGINIA, AND BAD FOR THE USA. He turned his back on our incredible movement, and was constantly attacking and fighting me until recently, when he gave a warm and “loving” Endorsement – But really, it was too late. The damage had been done! I just want to MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN, and the person that can most help me do that is Navy SEAL and highly respected State Legislator, John McGuire, a true American Hero. John, who fought the Cartels on the Front Line, and then came home and fought the drug dealers in Virginia, will ALWAYS PUT AMERICA FIRST. I had the safest Border in history, built hundreds of miles of Wall, and then Crooked Joe Biden came along and ruined it, making it one of the worst human catastrophes ever in our Country. John and I will correct this situation, and fast! He is strong on crime, will protect our great Military/Vets, and will always defend our under siege Second Amendment. John McGuire has my Complete and Total Endorsement! MAGA2024”




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