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House Democrats Are Attempting To Undo the Last Election and Steal the Next One

House Democrats refused to accept President Trump’s victory and have been seeking to overturn the will of the American people ever since.

·         The current impeachment sham is just the latest step in their pathetic search for a reason to declare null and void the votes of 63 million Americans.

·         Before President Trump was even sworn in, House Democrats openly admitted that they did not accept the votes of 63 million Americans as legitimate.

o   REP. NADLER: “… the Russian attempt to hack the election and, frankly, the FBI’s weighing-in on the election, I think, makes his election illegitimate, puts an asterisk next to his name.”

·         House Democrats have introduced impeachment resolutions every year President Trump has been in office, starting less than six months after he was inaugurated.

·         Pelosi has admitted that impeachment has been going on for two and a half years.

·         Before President Trump’s inauguration, Rep. Jamie Raskin announced that he “may well be voting” to impeach the President over the next four years.

·         In March 2017, Rep. Maxine Waters was already saying to “get ready for impeachment.”

·         A deluge of House Democrats pledged to support impeachment during their 2018 campaigns, well before this impeachment charade.

o   Before she was elected to Congress, Rep. Talib stated, “I keep telling people this is about electing a jury that will impeach him, and I make a heck of a juror.”

o   Rep. Ocasio Cortez pledged her support for impeachment as far back as June 2018.

o   In 2018, Rep. Omar confirmed she would “vote yes” on impeachment before she was elected to Congress.

o   Rep. Pressley stated that when she got elected, she looked “forward to partnering with many others to do whatever we can to get him impeached.” 

House Democrats are refusing to leave the decision of who is president up to the American voter.

·         House Democrats have openly admitted that this impeachment is about stopping President Trump from getting re-elected.

o   Rep. Al Green expressed his concern that “if we don’t impeach this president, he will get re-elected.”

o   Ocasio-Cortez admitted that impeachment “is about preventing a potentially disastrous outcome from occurring next year.”

House Democrats will never accept the results of our democracy and will continue pushing for impeachment no matter the outcome.

·         House Democrats have stated that irrespective of the results, they will never stop trying to oust President Trump from office.

o   Rep. Al Green recently claimed that there is “no limit on the number of times” Congress can impeach a President.

o   Rep. Karen Bass affirmed that House Democrats may pick up impeachment again if the President is re-elected.

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