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Gov. Ron DeSantis Launches Month-Long, Taxpayer-Funded Presidential Campaign Travel Schedule

Who Is Footing the Bill for DeSanctimonious’ National Travel During the Florida Legislative Session? Florida Taxpayers.


MAR-A-LAGO, Florida– Florida Governor Ron DeSantis is preparing for a month-long, taxpayer-funded presidential campaign schedule paid for by Florida taxpayers, and residents are asking just how much public money is being spent, on which donor planes DeSanctus is traveling, and if any of it will be reported as campaign expenditures.

According to Politico’s Gary Fineout, over the next month, DeSantis plans on leaving Florida to campaign in Georgia, Pennsylvania, New York, Tennessee, Michigan, Ohio, New Hampshire, Utah, Texas, and even Israel. All this travel occurs while the Florida Legislature is in session, and before DeSantis has formed a campaign committee to pay for his travel. This means Florida taxpayers are on the hook for the bill.

Questions are also being asked about which donor planes DeSanctimonious plans on flying to visit these nine states and one foreign country, and who is footing the bill for these in-kind campaign contributions.

“Gov. Ron DeSantis is a full-time candidate for president, and he’s doing it illegally,” said Trump campaign spokesman Steven Cheung. “DeSantis shouldn’t be forcing Florida taxpayers to foot the bill for this travel. He should have a campaign committee established.”

“Serious questions are also being raised about which donor planes DeSantis is flying on for all of this travel,” Cheung added, pointing out to the lack of transparency for how DeSantis jets around the country, and even internationally. “And none of this even touches on the fact that DeSantis is leaving Florida at a pivotal time in the middle of the legislative session, leaving his current – and possibly soon to be former – Lt. Gov. running the show.”

In recent weeks, Gov. DeSantis has used taxpayer dollars to travel around the country for his 2024 presidential campaign, including to early voting states of Iowa and Nevada. DeSantis’ gubernatorial office, however, refuses to say how much in taxpayer money has been spent to fund these travels. Worse yet, DeSantis is profiting personally on some of this travel via book sales, meaning Florida taxpayers are paying DeSanctus to make money at their expense.

The full Gary Fineout story from Politico listing all of Gov. DeSanctimonious’ upcoming 2024 presidential campaign travel can be found here.


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